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Total Eclipse of the Sun

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5 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Just for those who may wish to take a look through a telescope there will be a solar telescope set up at the EPCC Transmountain Campus starting around 10:30 am and the word is a telescope will be set up near the gates to Hueco Tanks state park at around 11 am. Please every one do not look directly at the sun with out a solar filter glasses and never with a optical device without a good solar filter. Hey this may sound crazy but you know the round crackers with the little holes in them you can stand with your back to the sun and hold them up with a piece of paper behind the cracker and get a project of the sun onto the paper though the image will be small. Where we are at we get a nearly 90% Coverage. Enjoy one of God’s great wonders! The Heavens still the best show on the planet!

  2. Pati says:

    I was listening to the NASA scientist on C-SPAN discuss the eclipse this morning. Callers had lots of interesting and challenging questions.

    One question asked was similar to what I was thinking. The caller asked if the climate deniers will be denying this also.

    Later on a R-pol came on talking about the wonders of space science. Another R-pol talked of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, his turf, and all the action going on. On more than one occasion he mentioned the economic benefits due to this event.

    So now the party of anti-education, of anti-science is all for science. Goes to show that the party line is more important than what is important and beneficial to the country.

  3. el gringo salado says:

    1. Marteen, no one that reads your blog would accuse you of being “better educated than many.”
    2. YOU make politics “sad” with your cognitive dissonance and constantly advocating for unconstitutional policies.
    3. Like most pseudo-scientists, you confuse form with function. The Eclipse is actually a New Moon in the last (29) degree of Leo. All eclipses repeat every 19 years and the last one occurred in 1999, with totality in eastern Europe. We’ll survive this one and hopefully, we survive your little blog.

  4. JerryK says:

    The eclipse was racist. I read it in The Atlantic. So there.

  5. theresa says:

    Great blog martin. You didnt mention that you flew fighter jets for the mexican airforce. The deplorables who are glued to your every word can eat their hearts out and their kids too!

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