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The Trump Wall Paid for by America

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  1. Fred says:

    Blah blah blah. I’ll correct the record for those of you who don’t “habla.” 1.6 out of 44.3 is much more than the, “less than 1%” our esteemed resident alien’s calculations would have you believe. The showcasing of progress has already happened (not that I’d expect you to keep up) in the form of YUGE reductions in illegal immigration (as measured by apprehensions), the upholding (albeit temporary) of the president’s travel ban, rising numbers of immigration agents, challenges against sanctuary cities, and, yes, $1.6 Billion in appropriations request for actual brick, mortar, steel, and fiber optics. And, Mexico is already paying, in the form of reduced employment for people who would have emigrated illegally, and sent monetary remission back to Mexico as a consequence. Just because the Mexican government hasn’t written a check for $1.6 Billion doesn’t mean we aren’t getting our money. It must really be a thorn in your side to see that things are moving forward. Just goes to show how un-American you really have become, sorry to say.

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