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The Repeal of ObamaCare in Facts

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  1. Thomas says:

    First Obamcare was never about affordable anything for the American people. Also power resides in Congress not the presidency so if Obamcare doesn’t get at least get fixed it’s on Congress. Next Congress will never act in the best interest of average American on affordable health insurance of health care because Congress has taken more than a billion dollars from these interest lobbyist and 2017 is looking like another banner year for more big bucks from these interest to Congress.
    Martin for Republicans or Democrats in Congress it’s not about making access to health care more affordable it has always been about putting the American people on the hook and keeping them on the hook, by law, to the health insurance industry.
    Martin if Congress fails to fix Obamacare the market place will collapse in the next two to three years as the Health insurance industry more and more pulls out of the market place as they have done the last past two years.
    Martin for the most part the only people Obamacare has been good for are those who do not have to pay anything for their Health insurance for most the rest of us who do have to pay at least something for our Health insurance Obamacare sucks!

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