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Our Peculiar Institution

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  1. Thomas says:

    Then you failed to point out Mexico has the highest number of of people living in modern Slavery in Central and North America. That peculiar institution doesn’t see to bother you when it comes to Mexico. See Martin there is not a nation on the planet that hasn’t had in the past or still have in the present some type of slavery. Slavery was going on long time before Europeans made it to the Africa. By many studies is still widely practiced in Africa. So Martin where is your equal outrage! Chirp,Chirp, Chirp, Chirp, Chirp…………..
    Then those decedents of former slaves, mostly being Blacks in America but not all Blacks in America today are decedents of slave that were held in America which others and you are trying to make the claim of how racist, oppressive and repressive America is of this group so answer this were is the mass exodus?
    Every where historically and in present day where people are mistreated based or race, culture, ethnicity, religion, etc, these group are leaving and have left those countries , areas of the world in large numbers.
    Then for such a racist,oppressive, repressive nation of minorities,especially Blacks America flies in the face of history it has a large number of minority groups ,some risking their lives, to try and get into such a racist, oppressive, repressive nation as America. The minority group currently in America we see no mass exodus either.
    Sorry Martin in modern times, in the U.S., such claims are mostly a whole heaping helping of Bovine Fecal Matter with the intent to create and keep in place a professional victim class wanting to claim some kind of special rights.

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