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It’s the Emails Dummy

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2 Responses

  1. naive in world politics says:

    Why are you ignoring the Obama, Clinton (both) meetings with Russians. Heck RFK was meeting with the the soviet Ambassador during the Cuban crisis. There’s even a picture of the Russian lawyer in question sitting with Obamba.

    Why was Obama using tax dollars to interfere in the Israeli elections? That’s ok ? Didn’t US political consultants advice the Russians in previous campaigns?

    Every high placed politician has met with foreign government officials privately. Most of the work is done in this matter.

    Let’s not forget the video and open mike, Obama leaning over and stating “after the elections there will be more flexibility”.

    What about the numerous coups supported by the US ?

  2. Jerryk says:

    Emails can be erased and I’m sure many were in connection with Mountainstar and its city hall pawns.

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