Immigration Friendly El Paso Lie Revisited Through Jail Data

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7 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    You didn’t mention that Vince Perez demonstrated leadership by putting this on the agenda. I wonder why?

  2. Thomas says:

    This article is non- sense! El Paso is immigrant friendly and a sanctuary City and County. Hell Martin nearly 40 % of the people living in my community were illegally here and owned homes and at least 20% were naturalized. My good friend and neighbor who lived next to us was a naturalized transplant from Mexico and he would say you are full of poop on this one.
    Martin here is the problem with this article it’s Hispanics who are being unfriendly to immigrants since they make up more than 80% of the population and the majority in local government in El Paso and El Paso County.
    Martin just go look at the new homes out side of Horizon City a lot of these home were bought by Mexican nationals. Seems pretty damn friendly to many of us who lived out in that area.

  3. David says:

    Vince is just preparing to run for County Judge. He doesn’t care about the money or the Mexicans!

  4. Good use for Brio says:

    That’s not leadership, it’s opportunism. He’s been there, how long ? He’s just now figured out that the jail was half empty and never needed expansion. He threw his “friends” under the bus to promote himself.

    Worse, Escobaiter is using Hispanics to promote herself. Yelling fire when there is only a tiny spark. And the firemen are all Hispanic !

    Drama queen and bellhop for the judge put on a nice show of indignation to support his boss. Can’t lose that job of being bellhop. He wants to be judge so he can get a bell hop.

    What’s going here? Is it ala Saucedo directorship or ala Comey (his explanations are school boyish in that he lied so much he no longer knows the true)

  5. Carl M Starr says:

    I felt sick watching it, as not once was it mentioned the same Judge hearing the SB4 lawsuits in SA had just ruled Detainers unconstitutional and not once was it mentioned. The Answer was there and so simple, make ICE/U.S. Marshalls get Judicial Warrants or they can take their business to Hudspeth County. They had a chance to do what 23 states already require, a Warrant, not a Detainer.

  6. Plz elaborate says:

    Carl, I don’t know the law as well as you do. But, isn’t a warrant based on probable cause ? If entering a country without permission isn’t a violation then what is it ? My point is if it is accepted as a violation then why would a warrant would be needed ?

  7. Carl M Starr says:

    Texas police enforce Texas Criminal Code not civil immigration law. Its all over google, same Judge that will hear SB 4.

    A Detainer is not the same as a Judicial Warrant ie a New Arrest.

    So also see the Dallas County case where Dallas was sued for holding inmates past their jail term for ICE.

    El Paso county is waiting to be sued re this issue. Wiles was even upset the El Paso Public Defenders was pointing out the unconstitutionality.

    It’s sad the crocodile tears El Paso county puts on re SB 4. Maybe Martin is right.

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