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Michael Flynn and Antivirus Software

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  1. Thomas says:

    The truth is all main stream public consumer based security software is limited in it’s protection. It mandates the using be proactive is their use of the internet and what sites they go too. One of the biggest issue they most software security companies do not speak about and most users fail to do is to keep the security software up dated and manually run checks. Most just except the software does all such house keeping to keep their computer in order for them which has been proven many times is not the case. Even with the best computer house keeping practices if the they want into your computer they will find a way in sooner or later if they are so driven to get in. Having fought off my own government’s attacks on my computer in a attempt to destroy my hard drive we know a little about this issue.
    As to Kaspersky we ran it on one computer for a short time and hated it. Still use Norton every since we got our first computer back in the 1990’s and have not lost a computer too cyber attacks so far. We know all about the complains about Norton!
    To the issue with Flynn there has not been put forth one piece of evidence of criminality about Flynn’s contacts with Russia. Hell Martin go look at all the money Bill Clinton made on speaking deals in Russia but many others with connection to the U.S. government and U.S. businesses have done the same. If the left had anything of substance of criminality by Flynn you can bet money they would have thrown that card before the election.
    There is zero proof that the Russians hacked the election system in America and the claims of Russia hacking is also an issue at the DNC since the only people who actually got to look at their servers were people that the DNC hired who had known connection to the DNC. The FBI was denied access to have any direct inspection of said hacked servers. Also the hacking of Clinton has some issue which show many hall marks of tactics the U.S. government has used to make it look like Russia was doing the hacking. What can’t seem to be explained away by the Intelligence agencies is why would Russia use old software to break into Clinton server when they had newer software which was better to do the very same thing and every one knew that the old software left behind known finger prints of the use of the old software? In addition the old software used was known to be easily gotten off the dark web by any one.
    There is some evidence some one in the DNC was leaking information and the NSA was suspect of doing some leaking also on Clinton and the DNC. Mcafee also himself in interviews stated some of the hacks had the known hallmarks and finger prints used by the U.S. intelligence community.

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