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Kentucky Derby Proves Immigrants Are Needed for the Country

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4 Responses

  1. Anglocentric says:

    Convoluted logic again, Martin. A basic premise of capitalism is that wages/compensation rise when jobs aren’t filled. But illegal aliens willing to work for less keep those jobs filled. When I was growing up in Miami, jobs at the track in Hialeah walking horses, cleaning stalls, etc. were kept filled with horse crazy teenagers. Similarly, both my brothers worked at part-time jobs picking fruit. Today, those jobs aren’t available. Singapore has a permanent resident plan for financial immigrants looking to fill jobs the average Singaporean no longer wants to do. The way they keep it honest is that employers pay a tax on PR wages (think it about $2 per hour more). PRs have a path to citizenship if they want it and the ability to legally work if they want to keep their original citizenship. A portion of the wage tax goes to skills training programs and if employers train their PRs to give them additional skills there is a tax credit. The system ensures PRs don’t become a discounted labor force and provides incentives for raising the skills level of lesser skilled PRs. We would do well to look at that type of program to address the issue of whether or not the issue is labor availability or lack of labor market competitive wages.

  2. Ken Hamilton says:

    Excellent column, Martin. If Trump gets his way, guided by the fantasies in his own mind, he will crash the U.S. economy for all of us.

    • Thomas says:

      Ken Hamilton
      Guess you did not see the Dow today it was at 20,981.94. At the end of October of 2016 it was at 18,142.62 and sliding. It looks like the Dow will break 21,000.00 by at least the end of the month of May if not in the next few days. If you have a 401 k you should have seen a good increase in it’s value since Trump was elected but since you hate Trump so bad give it back! Send it to help pay the Federal debt or to a charity your a hypocrite if you keep it.
      Yes the swill media has been claiming a down turn even before Trump was elected if Trump got elected. In fact they claimed that we would be in a major recession by the end of 2016, early 2017 with market in a spiral. What the hell happened to those prediction!
      Nope those on the Tit tard left are the one living in a fantasy and delusional state.

  3. Not a picker says:

    Agree, we need immigrants especially in the agricultural industry because there aren’t enough workers. But that doesn’t translate to open borders.

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