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Donald Trump 100-Day Scorecard

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2 Responses

  1. Anglocentric says:

    Martin, the theory that the tax plan would drive folks to become LLCs is totally Dem spin. I own an S-corp. The IRS audits the hell out of S-corps that fail to pay owner salaries in line with the salaries being paid in the local market. In short, there is already a check and balance in place. Plus your salary determines what you get paid in social security so if you take all your income in distributions from your S-corp then your social security payments will be very low. Finally, many states tax the hell out of s-corps and in some cases charge a minimum tax regardless of whether or the S-corp has revenue. So it is unlikely that folks will rush to this. That said, I have an s-corp because I opted for self employment when the industry I was in consolidated. Starting a business is one way many folks who would otherwise be hard to employ have continued to contribute to the economy. A tax plan that finally rewards us for taking that risk is a beautiful thing. As far as the rest of your column, I’m happy that President Trump is moving forward in spite of Congressional opposition to just about everything he does. He is listening to advice and modifying positions where prudent. His supporters are still his supporters because we recognized he would do that.

  2. Thomas says:

    Sorry to say you are wasting your time trying to point this out to Martin or Pati or any on the the Tit tard lunatic fringe left. No matter what Trump does for this crowd he will always be wrong short of Trump embracing socialism and the lunatic non-sense of the fascist Tit tard left. Trump could be shoving gold bars up their behind and they would be whining,complaining and wringing their hand to how bad Trump is. Also do not point out Obama did not do a lot of lasting long term of substance in his first 100 days in Office. It’s just more crazy we lost and are mad from the lunatic Tit tard left.

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