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Again, The Wall Will Not be Built

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2 Responses

  1. el gringo salado says:

    You know, people put up fake security monitoring signs in their yard or business and I put AAA stickers on my car. Just the threat of a wall has reduced illegal immigration by 67%. #thepinchewallisinyourmind

  2. Thomas says:

    There is not criminal investigation of Trump you are posting non-sense unless you are claiming Comey and others all lied before Congress! Stop feeding into media propaganda. Martin get real if there had been such proof of a crime by Trump that card would have been thrown before the election or before Trump even took office. See Martin I really want Trump to be brought up on impeachment charges then we take this from trail by the mob and the media into a court of law which Trump will have the right to call witnesses and cross examine his accusers and this is the last thing the Tit tard left and the Washington belt way elite of both parties wants to happen.
    Martin why do you think the idea is now being floated to remove Trump from office using the 25th amendment? Because they know the proof of a crime by Trump can’t hold water in a court of law which an impeachment trail is before Congress and it would expose those who used the U.S. government in attempted to subvert an election. In addition it would expose that it wasn’t only Wikileaks dumping Hillary’s and the DNC’s e-mails. Also we would find out all who were running for President who were also unlawfully under surveillance.

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