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You Can’t Change El Paso If You Aren’t Serious

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3 Responses

  1. pay for play city says:

    Good article. “Today one voice becomes a roar tomorrow”.

    City Council is schizo on the one hand it wants to preserve Mexican culture in a museum and on the other destroy living Mexican heritage.

    City Council also agrees with building condos that will sell 2-3 million dollars per. In a city with low wages ? Anyone with common sense would buy a house ! Only idiots build in arroyos and even bigger idiots buy then cry when a storm damages the property. Although this happens every year the excuse is “it’s the storm of the century”.

    Absolutely correct, developers own this city. Public input is just going thru the motions. Decisions are made prior to any public discussion.

    What is perplexing is why candidates in El Paso always wait till a couple of months to organize a campaign. Listen to the speeches, only the voice changes. One party has their water boy standing by. The other is virtually nonexistent. So we end up with the same old song and game of political musical chairs. The speeches smack of inbreeding. And only in El Paso are candidates provided with policy questions in advance. However because El Paso is what it is an anointed candidate will be provided the questions that are “sealed in an envelop”.

    Keep plugging away Martin.

  2. Jud Burgess says:

    I left out 5 addresses and yes, that was unprofessional but will be rectified on my next financial report. I don’t think Martin Paredes needs to worry about $$$ coming from special interests where I’m concerned, esp. considering donations were less than $2,000. Everyone knows Martin Silva of Silva Supermarkets. Arnulfo Hernandez, a Bowie alumni and a lawyer, has been publicly busy trying to help Bowie High School from EPISD b.s. like the revolving door of principals. Marlene is my sister. The other two small donations are friends.

  3. Count de Money says:

    Martin, when you finally look at Jud’s donors and then Tolbert’s you will understand that Jud is not getting it from the big guys. Tolbert may not get it either except from one blogger’s mom.

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