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Yankee Imperialism is Still Alive

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3 Responses

  1. JerryK says:

    Want to end the drug problem? End it at the source – the consumers.


    • MBA says:

      want to end “Mordida” ? End it at the source, but you cant because its the culture of a third would country. Murders in Juarez on on the rise. If Trump taxes some Mexican Imports then it will help pay for the wall. You can say well the taxes are paid by the Americans, but if Mexico has to drop their price by 20 percent to compete with other products from the U.S. and other countries then its Mexico who is actually paying for the wall. You need to be in business to understand business.

  2. Two way street says:

    Martin, white america ? so other ethic groups are not visible ? Should the US give White Mexicans free passage ?

    The wall, the wall. Once again if the business is legit it will continue to cross at legal points. If the business is not legit the wall will hinder that trade.

    If the wall is hated so much why does the Chihuahita neighborhood love it ? Because they have peace and quiet, no vandalism, knocking on doors at 2am, trespassing, no more every night dogs barking and no fear of who’s lurking in the yard.

    Despite all the rhetoric, the two countries will remain friendly.

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