The Assimilated Immigrant Lie

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  1. I speak Texan says:

    There are many different languages spoken in the US. So it’s not a fear of any sort. Many admire people that can speak a second language. It’s viewed as well educated and intelligent.

    Where we part on opinion is the refusal of Hispanics to learn English. If your friend or you’re conducting business, the other people speaks Russian and English, no Spanish. So if you only speak Spanish, communication ? Even if you plug another scenario whereas the Hispanic speaks Spanish, English, no other language then what ?

    Learning the language of your host or new country doesn’t mean a betrayal of your heritage. Maybe the definition of assimilation has different meaning according to the person. Assimilation to me simply means blending in so to succeed or interaction with he dominant or common culture.

    Sorry, Martin but who was here before the Mexicans ? Spaniards and the Native Americans. So it doesn’t matter where the border is or was located. Who knows what people were here before the Native Americans. Who was in Mexico before anyone and the mixture of Spaniards and Indians ? So by your logic, Spanish should not be the dominant language and newcomers should insist on not learning Spanish.

    People relate to one another via a common language, values, learning of other customs. The video was indicating that the one that spoke English well was doing than the one that spoke English sometimes was having a difficult time.

    If a European speaks English are they wanna be white ? Mexicans/Americans are viewed as wannabe white by Mexicans because they speak English.

  2. JerryK says:

    Speak English and pay your taxes. After that, do what you want to do. I love tacos and tequila; glad they are here to enjoy.

  3. Christina says:

    I do not fear Spanish. I fear the US becoming like Mexico. Mexico is a failed country. Perhaps there would be a revolution if the US did not provide an escape valve for Mexico. With all the resources in the world, with a strong work ethic and with strong family values, Mexico cannot make it because of the corruption. Mexico has few safety nets for those who live in poverty and cannot find work. Their biggest safety net? Send all that overflow to the US. I am sick and tired of the Mexican politicians and their failure to make their country livable.
    Oh, and by the way, I am not a racist. I was raised in Mexican household by a Mexican American mother who came here legally.

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