Donald Trump Did the Right Thing About Syria

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  1. Hot water just got hotter. says:

    Of he was correct to bomb the airfield. They were committing war crimes by use of gas. And on the innocent. If he had done nothing, he would have been crucified. Might as well be crucified for taking action.

    There will be those that scream that bombs and bullets kill as well. True but the idea is to stop a slow and agonizing death. It is viewed that a quick death is more humane. Nevertheless, the victims were innocent.

    We stood and did nothing for the Jews, Africans, Cambodians, the Slovak wars, etc. War is bad enough but to go after civilians is a whole lot worse. Why wasn’t the entire airfield destroyed along with equipment? There Russian military present and who knows what other countries. That would have been a disaster if foreign forces had been bombed. He did leave open the option to bomb again.

    The issue is we are in a staring contest and that can lead to a world war. The Chinese had a nice chat with Trump. They want to cover both sides. They need Russia but they can’t side against their biggest debtor. That would bring economic collapse. Perhaps an agreement was made to allow China to get N Korea under control and in exchange the Chinese stay clear of the Syrian thorn.

    There are those that state our Intel sats were a failure due to incompetence. The sat followed the mysterious convoy into the Bekka Valley. Unfortunately action in east Iraq forced a quick repositioning of the surveillance. The whispers say Syria had agreed to safeguard the Wmds provided there would be no interference in their country. If true, that deal was off the table when Syria entered into civil war. They didn’t make gas overnight without anyone knowing. Someone gave it to them or they dipped into the hidden stockpile. Imagine if Syria supplies radicals.

  2. JerryK says:

    the Syrian regime used chemical weapons
    Or the CIA or the Russians or the Israelis or maybe it actually was the fucking Syrians. When you are going to war over a situation too complex to understand and with no clear achievable goals you don’t go to war. Say we get Assad out; remember Iraq and Saddam Hussein who also used chemical weapons. How’d that work out for everyone?

    Trump needs to stick to America First and his campaign promises. Syria is no threat to the USA but we are being invaded from the south and the problem has a clear, easy solution that can work. Not like bombing yet another country that has not harmed us.

    Bomb Mexico that has :}

  3. Pati says:

    El trompas was wrong to bomb Syria. It was illegal, against international law, how’s that for ‘we are a country of laws’. Didn’t Rice boast recently that al-Assad had surrendered Syria’s chemical weapons? The US has been bombing Syria since 2013 and has spent billions arming/supporting the Rebels.

    There is nothing like a ‘good’ war to get the Demos and the so-called liberal media behind their monarch. Even the Queen Bee came in from exile to stand with el trompas.

    All this century the US has been warring on, overtly and covertly, the Middle East and North Africa, bombing and destroying sovereign nations. That’s a hell of way to use our wealth – bringing death and suffering to people who have done absolutely no harm to us, who pose no threat to us.

    “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world” MLK

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