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Undocumented Immigrants Are Not All Criminals

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2 Responses

  1. Give me a break says:

    Agree that not all are criminals but to be charged with a misademor makes it a crime. It is recorded in police/court files and adjudicated.

    Most people entering thru the southern border don’t have visas or a passport.

    Is it not a crime to be in other countries without permission, especially in Mexico?

    Ever hear “to steal a penny is the same as stealing a hundred dollars? Let’s stop splitting hairs and parsing. I get your point but you’re wrong.

    So when can we expect Mexico and Central American countries to accept responsibility for their citizens and improve conditions so people won’t feel a need to leave ? I can tell you with certainly that when Mexico changes its ways, the immigration issue will be resolved.

  2. Haiduc says:

    So “undocumented” means you lost your papers? MP sneak into Mexico with no papers and try to work to see what happens.
    PS: They will call you illegal!

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