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The Trump Wall Gets Underway Today

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2 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Nope got it wrong the part that has to be finished is mostly across Texas from east of El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico just east of Brownsville. From California to Texas is pretty much finished. Once again you did poor research or talking non-sense again. Also if the those like yourself think it will look like the great wall of China like seen in the 84 lumber commercial during the Super Bowel you are to stupid to breath with out prompting.
    Martin it will look pretty much like what EL Paso already has. Oh,what Mexico has to on it’s southern border. On this last one where is your outrage since Mexico’s wall is already finished?

  2. Wondering says:

    lol, city and county contracts go to out of area companies anyway.
    Isn’t this interfering with commerce, for bidding on a contract ? Where is that illegal ? And they’re fighting to be recognized as a business friendly area? That’s fishy to penalize private business for politics.

    Wonder if anyone ever looked for any connection between our politicians and Mexican affiliates.

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