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Peter Svarzbein’s Wall Moment

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2 Responses

  1. Give me a break says:

    Bingo ! It’s out in the open El Paso politicians and others USE the Mexican angle to get votes. They couldn’t care less so long as they can play political musical chairs.

    It’s amazing how each politician and others constantly tell the gullible people that they cry harder and longer than the other people therefore merit the vote.

    What is very misleading is story that somehow the local police will be so busy with Immigration law that local law is ignored. Come one, a vehicle is stopped for a violation. How long will it usually take to determine or if someone is here without permission ? It’s not like ELPPD will profile Hispanics. Don’t even try the racial thing. 95% of the police force is named Jose and brown skin.

    So during an investigation it’s determined that federal law has been violated, just like any other federal crime the person is arrested. Are we saying any felony is excusable because it has nothing to do with a city ordinance? No, the appropriate federal agency is notified. Most likely the person is held because of a city law violation anyway and has to be processed.

    But, I totally agree that hairy face artist is theater and will say that he cries longer and harder than the other phonies.

    There is no way a contract can be denied because of a political agenda. This bs by hairy face is about as effective the meaningless resolution that El Paso is a sanctuary city. Tell me, is a resolution legally binding or enforceable? Of course not, but the gullibles swallowed hook, line and sinker.

    Btw, when is the Mexican government going to improve conditions so people don’t have to flee? My guess is not as long as the offficials are busy pocketing money. Solution, just keep blaming the US.

  2. Vegas says:

    Szvarzbein is an opportunistic hack–in politics and in his “art”. He simply exploits the issues and the people behind them.

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