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Una carta abierta para mis compatriotas mexicanos

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5 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Really! The Mexican people will not even stand up and take their own country back from the thugs and corrupt politicians in Mexico. 20 million + have fled Mexico illegal into the U.S. and those like yourself who come legally to escape the paradise which Mexico represent.
    Once again Martin you are like the neighbor who complaints about others in the neighborhood not keeping their grass cut short enough but at the same time has a junk yard in their own front yard. Then goes to the neighbor’s house for refuge from their own self made cesspool and complain about the accommodations their neighbor afforded them.
    Here is some facts that question what you support.
    Mexico is an open market of importing and exporting of illegal immigrants. Mexico has has a whole economy based around just human trafficking . Martin where is your self righteous out rage? No need to answer you have none!
    Snow flakes in America want to talk and complain about a rape culture America just go to Mexico to see a real rape culture that revolves around the women who are illegal immigrants and young girls. In Mexico some of these Women and girls are sold just like slaves to the sex industries of Mexico. Martin you even have open trafficking of children for the sex trade industry in Mexico. Outrage Martin?
    The killing and thuggery against illegal immigrants in Mexico is appalling not just by the thug class in Mexico but by the police,military and those in the Mexican government.
    Nope Martin by supporting illegal immigration you support untold misery of helpless Men,Women and Children that is simply unconscionable putting then at the mercy of thugs and the corrupt government of Mexico. Closing our borders and controlling illegal immigration is the humane thing to do and it also needs to start with Mexico closing it’s southern borders and then shutting down the economy surrounding human traffic which abounds in Mexico.
    You Martin complain about the mote in your neighbor’s as you ignore the log in your own eye.

  2. abandon hope says:

    You want President Nieto to defend Mexico’s honor? A country with an economy that will not support its citizens has no honor. A country whose major source of income is drugs and money wired from the US has no honor. Sorry, Martin, blaming Mexico’s problems on the US is a transparent attempt to avoid looking at the real source of the problem.

  3. JerryK says:

    I think of Mexico as the Ukraine to the south of us, a country in perpetual shoot-themselves-in-the-foot mode.

  4. Vegas says:

    Sr. Paredes.

    Lástima que la primera carta que yo veo en éste blog, que se dirige a Enrique Peña Nieto see trata de sus quejas de éste pais, y no los de Mexico. Pero bueno, a lo mejor era necesario que Trump les diera en la madre a México para que los Mexicanos se pusieran listos a respeto de la situacion Mexicana. Ahora si, bien patriotas, no? “Mexicanos al grito de guerra…” Si al grito de guerra, hasta que empieze la balaceria de los narcos.

    Tambien los que escriben Español, apoyan éste pais.

  5. Vegas says:


    Mr. Paredes,

    How unfortunate that the first letter on this blog addressed to Enrique Peña Nieto is about this country and not the problems of Mexico. Perhaps it was necessary for someone like Trump to be critical of Mexico for Mexicans to begin to address the situation there (incidentally, I see a lot of Mexican flags on social media now). Suddenly, everyone is very patriotic.

    The Mexican national anthem says, “Mexicans at the cry of war…” At the cry of war…that is until the narco bulletc start flying and then it’s every man for himself.

    Those who write Spanish also support this country.

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