Shootout at the Durangito

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  1. A bit of an insider says:

    Martin, I most often write you off, but this time you’ve provided me something no one else has. i never saw this letter. It really provides a bit of justification on part of the local CHC. of course, it’s obvious the Chamber leadership is a group of stooges for a very select few (which really should upset the rest of the people who pay for membership into that club). This letter surprises me Stout voted as he did on the commission reappointment’s. Anyways, thanks for something, for once.

  2. JerryK says:

    So do Hunt and/or Foster own the property on which the arena is “supposed” to be built? If so, I can see why they’re pissed at the HC for raining on their parade. If not, I don’t see the reasons that the commissioners got their undies in a knot over this.

    As for the plot to de-Mexicanize DTEP, if it is real then why is Foster working with HACEP to redevelop the Gas Building into a housing project. It will be a vertical baby farm for single moms if its demographics follow HACEP’s generally; not exactly gentrification. These aren’t the people who hang out in coffee shops and brew pubs.

    I think they are throwing in the towel on hipsterizing DTEP. Now it’s just a rush to see how much money the Usual Suspects can milk from CC.

  3. Vegas says:

    These bastards are becoming more brazen. They act with impunity.

    Why don’t we see Trump-style protests against city council and the arena. Time to step up the resistance!

  4. abandon hope says:

    Just remember to vote against Escobar if/when she runs for Beto’s house seat. He has all but announced he’s running against Ted Cruz. The Austin paper ran an article on it two days ago. And don’t forget that Beto helped deliver the ball park to Foster and Hunt.

  5. Bob says:

    I agree with your point, but I’d change the wording a little. I think calling it plain old gentrification is more accurate that de-Mexicanization. The fact is that El Paso political leaders at the highest levels (Congressman O’Rourke, Borderplex Alliance, etc) are actually in favor of MORE integration with Mexico, not less. You can say this is only for business reasons, which is a fair response, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re very much pro-Juarez and pro-Mexico.
    I think the real issue is a desire to push the poor folks out of Downtown/ Central El Paso, and the poor folks in this city are almost exclusively Mexican. If the Juarez elite want to do more business and spend more money in El Paso, and by extension bring more Mexican culture to our city, I think the local leaders here would welcome it. Particularly if they displace some poor, uneducated Mexican (or Mexican-American) folks while they’re at it.

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