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A Call to Action: Stop Trying to Kill the Friendship

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3 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    So Martin is Mexico’s wall any less destructive to friendship with countries to it’s south? Nope Mexico and you want a one sided friendship all take and zero reciprocation on Mexico’s part. Let be honest never has been a real friendship between Mexico and U.S..

  2. JerryK says:

    If Mexico is so friendly toward the USA, why have they allowed an unimpeded exodus of thousands per month of Central Americans to cross Mexico illegally to enter the USA illegally?

    Sorry, Martin, but Mexico (and Obama?) have other goals in mind and the USA finally figured that out and Trump called you on it. You’re getting the wall like it or not. To paraphrase our City Manager, “Win first, then listen.”

  3. Thomas says:

    Jerry K
    Mexico also deport far more illegals from their country than the U.S. does but those like Martin you never hear any out rage on this fact. Also many do not get it that Trump is just going to finish the fence and hardening the border that Bush 2.0 had started an most of it will be in Texas. All the fascist Progressive Democrats are losing their minds of the term wall be it just a barrier just like Bill and Hillary advocated for and Obama. Just to show how totally crazy the PDP has became just look at what Bill,Hillary and Obama said about the issue. Since Martin will not allow links go to YouTube and search –
    DailyWorldwideNews :Hillary Clinton demands United States build a wall at the Mexican border
    Washington Free Beacon : Flashback: Obama Supported Southern Border Fence in 2006
    Jesse Finance: Bill Clinton 1995 State of the Union immigration comments
    Gi Gi : What Happens To Illegals In Mexico???
    VICE: Crossing Mexico’s Other Border
    Yep Trump and America are so evil and racist as Mexico makes billions on the importing and exporting of illegals to the U.S. and Martin and others claim how unfriendly we are to Mexico and illegal immigrants for no reason.

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