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Why the Global Economy is Important

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4 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    You left out the trade deficit the U.S has had for years with Mexico but can understand why you see this as a good thing. Well at least for Mexico!

  2. Anglocentric says:

    The first part of your argument is entirely correct. But part of El Paso’s problem is globalism. The guys that make widgets head to Juarez. If Trump’s policies make it advantageous to manufacture some widgets in the US, El Paso could benefit. Particularly in a twin plant scenario where high labor content stayed in Mexico but more automated work stayed in the US. Pre-NAFTA, that was a model that worked here.

    • Nieto the Impaler says:

      EXACTLY. what happened to Farah, Levis, Wrangler, Economy Laundry, Packard Electric, and all the other pre-washers ? They were here as twin plants, not after Nafta.

  3. Jerryk says:

    I like the Teddy Roosevelt model of world trade. You make the bananas and we make the gunboats and dig the canals.

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