The Illegitimate President

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  1. James says:

    Geesh, Martin. Could you be anymore biased in your writing. We all know you hate Trump. Given. We all know you don’t, or can’t vote. But writing about media propaganda that creates a boogieman (Russia) to overshadow what might be really going on in the world. Has there been any emphasis on the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, when Turkey is basically going through civil war. Especially when the current dictator is Islamist. The type that Obama supported through the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is a globalist who would do anything to damage the strength of the United States, and he has. Also, the Demoncrip party has changed into a radical racist and bigoted group that would do anything to get their way. Many progressives in the Republican party, like John McCain, would deceive enough people to get their way of globalism. Donald Trump is a nationalist, and he has some faults, but obviously he has been exposing the criminal conduct of many in government in a very caustic way, including the Pope.
    Your loving Mexican government continues to refuse to help out millions of Mexicans in poverty; yet this same government inculcates devoted loyalty by its citizens, even if many live in the United States.
    No one is going to change your clouded mind, but we do expect an objective view of the whole picture of issues. We don’t want a continued biased view of a result you don’t like.

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