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The Latino Divide

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  1. I don't know about you says:

    Interesting points. Of course Cubans are not insulted when Mexican are insulted. It’s two different nationalities. Not Hispanics like that label, they see themselves as members of a specific heritage.

    Quite frankly the hyphenation of orgins was a liberal PC idea developed in the 60s. Up till then we were all Americans period. Less confusion and less divisive. The label American is a unifier. Ever hear of a White, blk, Mexican Miner football player ? No because they are all Miners, a team.

    It was so easy when checking the race blocks. Cauc, negroid, mongoloid, Polynesian. Nothing derogatory about those labels. They were scientific descriptions.

    American citizens of Hispanic descent do not bash Mexicans to be part of the crowd. If they say anything about immigration, border, etc. It’s because they see themselves as what they are American. If there is any resentment or bashing it’s done by the non citizens that are angry that the Americans show allegiance to Mexico and see them as traitors ! Which is crazy. Citizens are supposed to support and defend their country. New and born Americans pledge an allegiance to the flag of the United States not some other country.

    So one jerk speaks for all others ? Would it be ok to say one jerk calling and attacking another public person representative of all other people. Look around, especially in other regions of the US. Mexicans and other Hispanics are very desirable as mates by other groups. I suppose because the prominent look in El Paso brown, black hair, short and usually overweight. Whites are more desirable. Ever hear of dark, tall, Latin lover ? Yes some are tall. Or men wanting a beautiful dark, curvy hot Latino lady? Maybe it’s stereotyping but that’s what people want

    Honestly, I don’t know where you been but although Ive experienced racism, but things have improved a lot. Like I said Mexicans are very desirable in other areas. Our young people are very accepting of each other. It’s us old farts that still have issues.

  2. Ron T says:

    I have a 15 year old observation of El Paso politics. I scanned it into a pdf file. If you might be interested in reading it (one page) please tell me where to send it. Thanks

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