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Bill Clinton, Inc….another sham!

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  1. Thomas says:

    Chelsea Clinton was running a for profit business out of Clinton Foundation which is unlawful she is like our parents. Chelsea needs to go to jail along side Bill and Hillary.
    As to America media they have lost all journalistic credibility there is now more than enough proof the media was been direct just like a PR firm to destroy Trump and paint Hillary as a saint. If Brazile giving Clinton the questions for the CNN debate wasn’t proof enough for progressive Democrats then their to stupid to breath with out prompting.
    It’s now clear if you vote for Hillary you are really voting for Kaine to be president who will be the president once Hillary is taken off to jail.
    Oh Hillary is now claiming there is nothing in these newly found e-mails when she has claimed she does not remember what was in most of the missing e-mail. So how does she know what e-mails the FBI has unless Lynch is briefing her on what the FBI has found or Obama is leaking the information to her? Also if what we have seen outside of main stream news is correct and Hillary ‘s girl friend Huma Abedin is trying to cut a full immunity deal with the FBI and Huma Abedin rolls Hillary is done and orange will be the new black for Hillary.

  2. Jerry K says:

    The Clintons would fit right in here.

    • Thomas says:

      Jerry this is how the progressive Democrats have always operated across America. Then is not a blanket statement against all Democrats! Know some moderate Democrats that think this non-sense is bad to and do not hold their party in high regard right now. So let be clear not all Democrats are going along with Hillary and the progressive wing of the Democratic party. We know some Democrats that out right hate Hillary.

  3. Ronald Hennes says:

    Same old, same old crap. No “guest editorials” about t RUMP’s taxes, business dealings, stiffing payments, lie after lie after lie? Abuse of women? We need a “Lion Star” guest editorial series to balance her rants (sic: guest editorial). At least she will have plenty of rant material for the next four years after November 8th. More “guest editorial” drivel.

    • Jerry K says:

      Ron; why don’t you write to Martin and volunteer? Martin is open to competing voices.

      That said, what can you say about HRC? Her senate record is a zero with the rim rubbed out. She voted for the Iraq war, said TPP was the gold standard, but Wall Street loves her. Then her State record is Libya, Syria and chaos.

      I know – she’s a woman. Good reason to vote for her but if you think this week was bad, get ready for four years of the Clinton Follies back in town. They are so 20th century 🙂

      What a choice we have next week: The Galactic Clown vs Grandma Nixon.

  4. Ronald Hennes says:

    BTW, maybe Barbara can explain how t RUMP’s wife got away with obtaining a visa, Green Card and citizenship by misrepresentation? And her comments on the pornographic photo shoots that Donald sat on and oogled? And should we call for him releasing his birth certificate, school records? After all, the GOP expected Obama to do so.

    • Jerry K says:

      “…maybe Barbara can explain how t RUMP’s wife got away with obtaining a visa, Green Card and citizenship by misrepresentation?”
      Easy, she was hot. I mean, look at all those Syrian women in burkas coming thru now. Who would you let in?

    • Thomas says:

      ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll just released shows Trump now pulling ahead of Hillary. Yep the same ole crap from you all the time. The different between most voting for Trump and those like you voting for Hillary is we will move on but you guys on the other hand will lose your minds if Hillary doesn’t win. As they say do not count your eggs before your chickens hatch.

    • Barbara says:

      Trump’s wife is not running for the presidency. Trump is not accountable for her prior actions. Stick to the issues and stop “pivoting.”

  5. A Libertarian says:

    Ronald, the Lionstar needs to pay his fooking child support in Arizona before he does a guest editorial, but you Libs are all the same. The Ends justifies the Means. Doesn’t matter if we lie ,cheat , steal, delete e-mails, make sure dead people vote, or not pay child support as long as our candidate wins. Oh, by the way, I voted against both C_ _ TS the other day. Hillary and Wiles.

  6. Thomas says:

    A Libertarian
    First you morons need to go back and see how old all the crap on Jaime and the child support claim are . Jaime could go eye ball to eye Joe Arpaio and hand him a print out of the warrant and ole Joe wouldn’t do shit. Thing call statue of limitations and two you dumb asses only know a very small part of that story which if you knew the truth you would understand it’s all bull shit. We do know all the facts you idiots do not! Yep knowing the facts is why the El Paso PD and Sheriff’s department never have pick Jaime up on that BS warrant.
    By no means are we saying the progressive Democrats are not totally screwed up but as with every party out there the all have their wing nuts and CooCoo’s like you!

  7. 😩😢 says:

    There is no statue of limitations for delinquent child support or traffic warrants.

    The reason the perv is walking around free is because states don’t travel to pick up fugitives it would cost more than he’s worth. We know he goes to Arizona and returns but indicates it’s proof that he’s not wanted. Oh really, I doubt he announces his visits.

    Now, the stupidity is thinking that the perv would be held by El Paso law enforcement. He’s knows where some of the bodies are buried and he is a useful idiot.

    I am beginning to wonder there is so much outrage when anyone mentions the perv. Hhhhmm, who is defending whose honor. 🤔

    Then have the other one that actually utters “progressive” instead saying what really is.
    It started out as the workers party, communist, socialist and now is “progressive. He, too blows a cork when presented with facts. He’s not even half the woman Barbara is.

  8. Thomas says:

    Jerry K
    Not a fan but happen to know the truth which as we see in the last post are just poorly informed idiots who can support a damn thing they claim. Just like all that try to imply Jaime has some sex crime conviction but none can support their bull shit with any documentation of where he ever was convicted of such a crime in a court of law.
    Jerry K at one time Jaime live in my home with one of his kids and since he left wouldn’t give me the time of day. In fact he still owes me money he never paid back. Also since then have not seen Jaime face to face in years. Oh and right now he is pissed at me because I called him out on a issue where we know he got our e-mail comment and kick his ass but he did not post it on his site. Then even with this we can still be fair when it comes to all the bull shit post against Jaime and the idiots posting the crap.
    Jerry we believe you and a few other here understand a lot of bull shit claimed when a nasty divorce takes place are not even close to being the truth and this is what happened in Jaime’s divorce.
    Yep there is plenty of proof Jaime does have some ethics and honor issues but he is no where near as bad and evil as some ass wipes here try and claim. Most posting crap and non-sense about Jaime here do not like Jaime’s politics and who he supports and will say about anything to try and discredit him. These people have a aversion to the truth about people they do not like and would still be lying if the truth ran them down in the street and left them in a bloody heap.
    Also for the last poster here that left no name Jaime has been going back to see his family in Arizona for years and they still can’t catch him then again they do not want him in the first place. Your stupid and a joke!

  9. Memory erased by Aliens says:

    Thomas you are so delusional. How many times are you going to ignore the Times reports about the offense that he admitted but pleaded a deal?

    Those reports have been posted on here several times and you still don’t get it. Since you really believe the reports are false, call them and tell them they lied. That they are misinformed and you demand a retraction.

    Oh yeah, he’s going to Arizona and announcing his visits. Maybe even stops in the New Mexico cities that he has traffic warrants. Does he stick his tongue out and dare them to arrest them?

  10. Memory erased by Aliens says:

    Lol, just read that the perv is deeply offended by a politician using the c word to discride Hillary. He considers that remark as very disrespectful and demeaning of women. While I agree this name calling is getting out of hand.

    The perv admits that he showed a video of his ex wife having sex with another man to his daughter. I suppose that wasn’t demeaning of women or disrespectful.

    Lol, lol, hahaha, oh my I have tears in my eyes and stomach pain from laughing so hard. Hahaha, two idiots and one defends the other hahaha. Oh my, want to see my ex in action, just don’t use the c word, hahaha!!! That’s so offensive, by the way would rewind the last scene, hahahahee !

  11. Anita says:

    Martin, you really need to get rid of this silly woman Barbara. If we want to hear everything she says we can watch Fox News. The only one dumber than her is Thomas. He says he knows the perv but does he know the perv’s ex-wife and her side of the story? I do. He was a criminal and a perv a long time before their divorce.

  12. Thomas says:

    Proof ! You have none! If you did you and others would have painted across El Paso. All you have is unfounded innuendos with no proof.You Anita are dumber than a box of rocks. Anita says so, so it must be true! Anita you are an example why El Paso gets screwed over all the time you have the thinking capacity of gnat.

  13. Anita says:

    Idiot Thomas you’re obviously too dumb to go to Martin’s past articles and see the perv’s criminal record. You must also be a perv. The perv defending women is a joke.

  14. Memory erased by Aliens says:

    There’s a fool born every……..Thomas is proof that reincarnation does happen !

  15. Thomas says:

    His total criminal history is public record, misuse of a computer you moron that was the only thing he has been convicted of. So Anita, Martin and all others show us any other convictions of a crime by Jaime beyond what we just posted. You can’t that is it! Anita show us you dumb ass any other actual convictions? Where the hell are they! Where is the god damn proof! Time to put up the actual documents of criminal convictions in a court of law against Jaime or shut up! Anita put up these mystical convictions of a crime you and others claim, bet you can’t! We know where to find Jaime’s conviction can you?

  16. Hilarious 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Next is Thomas 🙊🙈🙉. Thomas to the perv 😍😍😍😍.
    Insanity: Thomas denying the truth over and over and expecting a change. 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Anita says:

    The perv confessed to lesser charges and got probation for what he did to his wife. Why doesn’t the sexist pig Thomas care about her and her daughter?

  18. Thomas says:

    Anita and you still can’t put up the documents to support your claims. Where are they, not one is holding you guys back but you. Then again there are none. Your the joke! Then again you and Anita support now proven pervert Hillary and her connection to a child molester have been more than supported. Yep you two are dumber than a box of rocks!

  19. Anita says:

    It was in the newspaper Idiot Thomas and he even mentioned the videos he took of her. Once again you show you are a woman-hater. But you love the perv even though you say he burned you? Do you kiss his ugly face when you see him? Any videos? I have heard he’s really small.

  20. Thomas says:

    Papers say a lot of things that are half truth ,innuendo and speculation at best, where are the court papers for the crimnal convictions. Where are they! Anita you have nothing more than a he said she said which could not be proven in a court of law. So once again put the proof up you can’t! All you can do is talk shit that is it!

  21. Anita says:

    It was in the El Paso Times and you can look it up in the courts records if you want idiot Thomas.

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