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A Trump Presidency

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2 Responses

  1. Shocked by the Bitterness says:

    I would hope that the people come together and give him a chance to govern. We could not continue down the same path first another 4 years. If he fails there’s the ballot box. My other hope is that people stop with the hatred because of different ideas. Is 4 years enough to accomplish all the goals ?

    The hatred has to stop. A couple of people that I admired although we didn’t share the same ideas. People that I felt were for fair play and respect for everyone. Those people terminated contact because of the intolerance for any other opinion than their political affiliation. I suppose I could say they weren’t really what I thought.

    Is the political Indoctrination that strong that intolerance and demonization of others prevents any interaction? Have we become a country of fanatics ? Under other circumstances I would not be surprised to be treated as an enemy of the state by these people.

    God help us if this hatred continues.

    • JerryK says:

      In my voting life it was 1980 that the tide turned and we began to see this kind of hatred. That was when the so-called Moral Majority, later the Christian Coalition got involved in politics. Karl Rove learned how to play those fools like a fiddle to get GWB elected. But the lesson is, if you want to hate, come to Jesus (who would turn over in his grave if he saw these nuts).

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