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The Republican Party and Supporters Got Conned by Trump

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6 Responses

  1. Anglocentric says:

    The GOP was destroyed long before Trump. He is still a better choice than Hillary. The issue for voters isn’t which candidate is more likeable or toeing the party line; it is which candidate will be best at ending unsustainable policies that are impacting the middle class. If you don’t have a strong middle class and a path for those further down the ladder socioeconomically to rise up, you end up with a country like Mexico where folks work hard, but wealth stays in the hands of a few.

  2. blow says:

    Man, we need you back on ELP stuff.

  3. James says:

    You know….that is all known information, but your reporting style on the political candidates for President has been very biased. If you are going to write a piece on the candidates, I would expect Gary Johnson and Hitlery Clinton as well, but you haven’t said much about them at all. You seem to benefit from this nation, but you don’t vote. You claim to not have a bias, but you clearly do. I appreciate your information about the local events, but I’m questioning your credibility of being independent and unbiased. You clearly dictate to Mexico, and tear down candidates like Trump because he doesn’t cater to Mexico and Hitlery’s wishes to have open borders. Do you want open borders like many Libertarians?
    Granted this nation is run by vicious criminals, like the Clintons and Bushes and Obamas. They are the mafia in politics. Locally…the mafia are the Demoncrip party, the government entities like the City of El Paso and County of El Paso, and the school districts, and most of all the legal system in El Paso. All of them want their slaves, and all of them want subservient tax payers to pay for their luxury and power.

    • ????s says:

      Start your own blog if you have problems. This guy is free to write what ever he wants. I wish he would write about local things, but he’s free to write what he wishes. Hillary for jail 2016.

  4. Pedro Sandoval says:

    Well stated Martin, too bad that there are those on the sideline that refuse to listen to facts or logic. These crazy “Bubbas” will no doubt reach for their guns after Hillary takes office and do something stupid. You already have trump making statements like the elections are rigged and that their is a conspiracy against him. His army of mental midgets are eager to revolt, you learn one of those individuals at a Pence rally expressing this desire. Go Hillary!

  5. Insane says:

    Pedro, stop drinking so much tectate. It’s killing your brain cells.

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