Texas Attorney General Exempts Friends from Freedom of Information

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4 Responses

  1. Old gals in 2nd childhood says:

    Lol, she must have a whole lotta friends that she had “private” discussions. That would explain why the county is in such a mess. She’s too busy with friends.

    Wonder the AG did state that personal information like a phone number, address or grocery list could be redacted but the decision would of what is private would be made by an independent soucre.

    Maybe they relive the whore house tours and guvmint cheese.

  2. Thomas says:

    Ok if this was all Vero’s private business she was conducting as a private citizen and she wants to claim that then it seems there is a problem with her using her official position in government in using public assets, the County Attorney’s office on the tax payers dime, to defend her private rights and interest before the Texas AG’s office. Seems Vero can’t have it both ways and now Vero should reimburse the people for cost and use of those public assets. Right?

  3. Don says:

    The city is a corp. The county is an office and separate in law. Jurisdiction is the key to understanding this whole……. Foia’s can’t jump the jurisdictional fence….Corp. Has cover…aginst foia’s..

  4. James says:

    I question the AG judgment, and what is the basis of their decisions to go against your FOIA.

    Like I said before, it is a Quid Pro Quo system that protects each other who are part of the club. I think the other person who so articulately said this as well is George Carlin. He knew that this whole system was a corrupt political mafia. And they are.

    When you have people who are elected and engage to damage the career of another that doesn’t fit their agenda…you have a mafia of sorts.

    I will look into RICO acts about using positions against the will of “voters” both at the local level and state. Both systems of government are in violation RICO laws.

    Thank you for your work in doing this. It is just difficult to get to do the right thing, when the very system is built against you knowing what is going on in the first place. It is a criminal body that creates and enforces “laws” or “statutes” against you.

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