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Take It To The Next Level and Commit Suicide

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10 Responses

  1. Jerry K says:

    Q. What is the difference between Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel?

    A. Merkel is younger.

  2. The great deceiver says:

    This is a woman that wants power so bad she will do whatever it takes, destroy anyone that gets in her and will take down the rest of the country.

    It’s almost like she IS the antichrist. She was wounded and survived, she has attacked religion, she has no respect for the sanctity of life, she lies at the drop of a hat, she even deceived donors-even Chelsea was alarmed about the accountability of the funds, she and the other deceiver never delivered to the poor of Haiti, she despises all minorities in private while smiling at the them in public.

    She is the head of the dragon with 7 heads. Run to her to be embraced by the her. Continue to be deceived by the sound of “progressive” instead of communism. The ideology that enslaves everyone !

  3. jackie says:

    At the core she is an attorney. Lies and counter the lies with another lie. They have license to lie.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hillary Clinton, funneled nearly $700,000 in donations and support to the campaign of the spouse of an FBI official who then oversaw Clinton’s email investigation. This is being published from the Wall street Journal to the Washington Examiner from another e-mail dump from Wikileaks in the last 24 hours.
    Also Assange in a press conference this weekend stated that some of the leaked e-mails were in fact coming from inside the DNC as many of us had already figured out .Baby it ain’t just the Russians dumping Hillary’s and the DNC e-mails. Time for some out here to get real and stop being delusional about their Saint Hillary.

  5. Vegas says:

    This is important, interesting and necessary.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our city is doing it to us again downtown as we get caught up in the $#!/ show in Washington.

  6. Thomas says:

    The city has already done you guys in they just keep digging the hole deeper. The city is looking at like nearly a 30 to one debt ratio, that’s total debt to yearly income for the city. If the city started right now putting ever dollar they bring in to the debt you could still not pay off the debt the city has in 20 years. if you had a kid right now they would be adults and having kids and the debt would still not be paid off by the city. That is not even taking in adding debt over the next 20 years. People think about that!
    Oh, give Vero and the CCC the chance they will end up doing this to the county. When the city of El Paso goes down the tubes it will take the county down guaranteed. Welcome to the progressive Democrat paradise!

  7. Pedro Sandoval says:

    Again, come November 8th, Hillary will be our President. I know you stray members of the “flat earth society ” refuse to accept this. Do not be discouraged, latest news is that your fearless leader is now channeling his energies to forming a new network. Isn’t that great, a toilet network where you can bitch, gripe and pull each other’s hair. Democrates will get their President and Republicans will get their new network to replace Fox News. We all win.

  8. Vegas says:

    And Pedro, you have NBC (which strategically held on to Trump audio for over a decade and timed it’s release), MSNBC (do week need to mention “thrill up the leg” Chris Matthews), Univision et al.

  9. Vegas says:

    Oh, Pedro, I almost forgot to mention my favorite…

    CNN’s Melissa Harris-Perry:

    Attorney General Holder, “Would you quack like a duck” for us?


  10. Ronald Hennes says:

    Barbara has gone off the deep end joining t RUMP in hysterical demonization of Mrs Clinton. Yet, Barbara is comfortable supporting a bigger demon and (using her term) a bigger cancer. Likely she is like KellyAnn Conway … forced by her role (Republican bigwig here in El Paso) to defend even the indefensible or admit simply that she is on the wrong side. Her diatribe borders on ridiculous. She claims to know persons who have had wide spread cancer and what they choose to do to treat it. Or “our government has poison running through it’s veins” doing her part to help to denounce, denigrate and erode traditional Americans basic faith in our institutions. Doing so for cheap short term political gain. Ms Carrasco is the poison that is a threat to the veins of America. Shame on you Barbara. Is there no depth to your indecency … as t RUMP and his words and behavior have shown no depth? Your rant is silly. It demonstrates as t RUMP himself said. He could shoot someone in broad day light on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still vote for him. You are proof of that shameful proud boast.

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