Mexican Immigrant Teaches Donald Trump the Basics of the US Government System – El Paso News Organization

Mexican Immigrant Teaches Donald Trump the Basics of the US Government System

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6 Responses

  1. Jerry K says:

    Except that Bill Clinton has a back-the-plane conversation with the AG who then talks with the FBI and Hillary gets off with a “talking to” for actions that would have had an ordinary citizen indicted. In that way we have already become very much like Mexico.

  2. Thomas says:

    Was it a violation of the Constitutional for AG Lynch to have secret meetings with Obama and discuss the case and strategize how to keep from bringing charges against Hillary? Also Martin there is more than than enough historical evidence that past Presidents have prompted the DOJ to do investigations. It’s a fact. Look no farther than Shapleigh who got Obama Administration to get the FBI to investigate the EPISD which the DOJ is doing the prosecution. So it’s not true the President cannot prompt an investigation. What you fail to understand is the process by which it can and has been done.

  3. Anglocentric says:

    Let’s not forget that Obama originally wanted to see CIA agents who participated in enhanced interrogation operations criminally prosecuted and Presidents nominate the AG. If he wins, Hil’s case will likely be reviewed.

  4. Pedro Sandoval says:

    It is all about trump’s ego. He will work at dimishing the powers of the three branches to change it to a Putin model; a dictatorship. If you have tuned into the latest reality tv episode of “donald j. (Joke) trump goes to Washington”. This man is a pig, he has a history of groping women and this will be his downfall. You deniers continue to support this pig and that is “just wrong”.

  5. Thomas says:

    You also support a pig who has used her office to feather her own nest, stole the DNC election process and endangered our nation’s national security and enabled terrorist around the globe. Not to mention empowering Russia,Iran and China. On top of that has lied to the people about her relationship with Wall Street/Banking interest and prostituted her past office and her current run for the presidency out to foreign powers. This isn’t some one just making accusations and innuendo this is established facts!
    Pedro you need to get off the crack and we do not mean the drug!

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