A Case Against Hillary Clinton

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  1. Anglocentric says:

    Very well said.

  2. Pedro Sandoval says:

    What do you say we call it even, her stamina matches your trump support.

  3. Thomas says:

    How can you say it’s equal?Trump did not have to steal the GOP election process then again more than enough evidence Hillary and her minions at the DNC stole the DNC election process. Morally and ethically speaking how can you support some one that subverted your party’s elections when you the progressive Democrat claim to hold the moral and ethical high ground but have stood silently by and had there election process stolen.

  4. P Santo says:

    Very well said

  5. Bill Garry says:

    I’m NOT female and NOT Hispanic, but I am with you 100%. You are a true AMERICAN patriot.

  6. Pedro Sandoval says:

    Thomas, you are definetly a doubting Thomas. There is not one major newspaper in the US that will endorse trump. They have however, endorsed Hilary even the most conservative papers like the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Arizona Republic have endorsed Hilary. We are talking papers that have never endorsed a Democratic candidate in over 126 years. Phil Boas, with The Arizona Republic says that hard core republicans are in denial. I believe he is talking about you; trump is callapsing just like his casinos. This election is no longer close for the “loser”.

  7. Thomas says:

    So you have no problem supporting a person who stole the DNC election. Speaks volumes!

  8. Drone Voter says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would base their choice on a newspaper endorsement.

    I would hope that people would do their own research before deciding. This an example of why there is so much confusion and fighting instead of working together.

    Incredible, people waiting for someone to tell them how to vote !

  9. Bob says:

    {This comment was edited by Martin for language on 11oct16 08:41ET}

    How can you call a collection of Facebook memes an “editorial?”
    This “guest editorial” is no more than a collection of “very dumb political statements” coming from some “loser” “bimbo” “criminal” “pig” who must have “{EDITED by Martin on 11oct16 08:41ET for language}.” Not only that, but as a hispanic, she cannot be trusted. Hispanics are either for Donald or they are biased by their blood.
    I guess Barbara can’t help herself, she has been seduced by his money. Too bad all Trump has to do is grab a girl by the {EDITED by Martin on 11oct16 08:41ET for language} and he can convince them to do anything.

  10. Anita says:

    What a simplistic and foolish use of the concept of STAMINA. You do nothing but rehash false charges against Clinton. How many times did the Republicans already investigate Benghazi without charging her with anything? She said half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable because the they racist homophobes and KKK types. She didn’t put you in that deplorable group. You put yourself, Barbara. You should be embarrassed to support a man who brags about sexual assault. You mostly have a bunch of fools commenting, Martin.

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