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This is the Type of People Mexico Really Sends to the US

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9 Responses

  1. Jerry K says:

    Since everyone here is an immigrant, so what? Every person here who has sacrificed for their country did so as an “immigrant” from elsewhere. Just be a legal immigrant and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

  2. Bummed out ! says:

    Agree with Jerry.

    Sent ? They’re fleeing the country(ies) because their government(s) are negligent in providing for their people. Force the governments to take responsibility and they won’t have to “send” anyone.

    Not that the US is better shape. We’re infected with same incompetent, greed, self serving, corrupt, lying, untrustworthy, immoral, chaos, no jobs. So I bet the search for a better life is a shocker when they realize, it’s no better here. The only hope is that the country will change at all levels and get rid of the bums.

  3. Anglocentric says:

    I think the key phrase is Mexico sends. There was a concerted effort under the Fox administration to encourage folks who were hard to employ to illegally migrate to the US and sent remittances back. Maps were printed and distributed. I believe that is what Trump refers to when he says Mexico sends. The individuals you refer to chose to come here, all but one legally. It would be interesting to find out if those living or the gold star families consider them to be Mexicans or Americans.

  4. abandon hope says:

    An undocumented/illegal immigrant from Mexico committee 4 rapes in Manhattan Heights a few years ago. The victims were severely brutalized. The same man committed similar crimes in Fort Worth. Several years ago the “railroad murderer,” an illegal immigrant from Mexico killed several women in Texas. There are many other examples of murder, rape and major crimes committed by illegal immigrants. There are also many other examples of unselfish Mexican immigrants of fine character with outstanding ability, like Sara Medina.

    Both good and bad people immigrant from Mexico to the US illegally. Just as you, Martin, would not leave your doors unlocked to allow easy access to murderers, rapists and thieves, the US must protect its borders.

    • Jerry K says:

      Agreed, and we need to figure out how to keep immigrants coming here legally because they are needed. But we also need to understand that immigration is not a national suicide pact, either.

      We were all immigrants once just like we were all tribal once.

  5. Pedro Sandoval says:

    Doesn’t Trump have his own blog where some of your regular readers can have a more caring audience? It seams to me that these individuals are in the wrong forum, “Viva Mexico”.

  6. Ken says:

    Reading this article cost me 5 minutes of my life I can never get back. Decided to waste a couple more telling you don’t waste our time with this crap in the future. Obviously to any moron some good and some bad people “sent” over from Mexico or any other country for that matter! Slow day for content eh?

  7. One eyed Jack says:

    Pedro, are you suggesting only Mexicans cross the border without documents ?

    Shouldn’t it be viva immigrants ? But also why are you in the USA if you’re love is for Mexico ? I certainly wouldn’t live in another country and yell USA.

    It’s you that is on the incorrect blog. We believe in freedom of speech! Btw you apparently have not seen the derogatory comments by Hillary nor Gov Clinton ordering the state troopers to target Hispanics.

  8. Pedro Sandoval says:

    One eyed jack, I sympathize with you. Your population numbers continue to decline and this is making you paranoid. Open your eyes and accept reality.

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