The Tornillo-Guadalupe Port of Entry Soon To Be Renamed the Marcelino Serna Port of Entry

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  1. Honoramus Veteranos says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Greg Vera is a co-founder and made vast contributions as well. There are so many that did the hard work behind the scenes. The community pitched in and supported us as well. Thank you Sen. Rodriguez, State Reps. Mary Gonzalez and Caesar Blanco and of course Congressman Hurd and Senator Coryn.

    This is so significant as Martin says. It show the US, we make many contributions to our nation and certainly instills a sense of pride of what one of her sons gave. An inspiration to all of us. This will be the second POE named after a person. The other being the first Hispanic governor of Arizona, Raul Castro.

    We are asking that the Mexican name their side of the POE after Mr Serna. They are very receptive to the idea. All of you can help by letting the Mexican consul know that this effort improve relations between the countries.

  2. abandon hope says:

    Naming the POE after this honorably individual is right and fitting. Martin, your closed mind is getting annoying. You know that an open border lets in all kinds of people — the Manhattan Heights Rapist as well as Mr. Serna, 100 years ago. Your last four paragraphs politicize this renaming and you consequently dishonor Mr. Serna. The attention should be on him and his accomplishments, not on your dangerous support for open borders.

  3. tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Interestingly enough, Trump has gone on record as willing to consider a path to citizenship for illegal aliens with otherwise clean records who are willing to serve in our military. I think the issue that most of us have is giving the same path to citizenship to folks who are willing to hide in plain sight and expect to be treated the same as those who immigrated legally simply because they’ve managed to stay here in shadows for several years and have anchor babies. Military service would be a fair way to level that playing field.

  4. Bryan Anderson says:

    The draft registration card in the article is from WWII, not WWI.

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