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Is There a Fort Bliss Sexual Assault Cover Up

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  1. tickedofftaxpayer says:

    The Sergeant should be prosecuted for the barracks violation and any role he had in trying to make these charges go away. Even if the sexual assault is he said/she said (and the fact that she kept coming back makes it hard to prosecute), the barracks issue is a big deal.

  2. ????s says:

    I hope she learned her lesson and should have never had an affair to begin with.

    • abandon hope says:

      And how about the Sergeant?

      • ????s says:

        everybody is scum in this story

        • Naomi says:

          Corruption this is a bunch of bs who cares if the woman is married and how supportive her husband is now really isnt this more about the facts this girl was in an abusive relationship while seperated from her husband she made a bad choice ya who hasnt though does it mean cover it up deny justice ? Shes what 23 how old is this man that did this to her women in abusive circumstances sometimes hope that they will change and they mean it when they say they r sorry thank god her and the baby made it out alive the man is a criminal needs to be in jail the military broke all kinds if rules allowing this dysfunction makes u wonder what else they sweep under rug

  3. Ay cabron !! says:

    It’s a horrific and very disturbing situation. 3-5 lifes will be destroyed.

    First, let tackle the wife. She was trespassing by stating in the barracks and engaging in sex with a service not her spouse. That’s two chargeable offenses before a Federal Magistrate. As already stated the situation is tainted because of the length of stay in the barracks and repeated sex. Some will question that, but remember some victims blame themselves, etc. They keep returning to the abuser. She should have followed thru for prosecution and the chips fall.

    Two MP squads showing up at the scene. That Desk Sgt, MP Duty officer, Patrol supervisor plus the MP should also be prosecuted. They have assigned areas and are not to leave that area except to eat, bathroom, reports, etc. The Desk Sgt, Duty Office and Patrol supervisor monitor the radio and are supposed to check the patrols. So the MP chain of command heard it all and allowed it to happen. The only MPs that should have been there are those assigned to that area and CID.

    Now the SGT, but it sounds like he was a Staff Sergeant. Offenses for conduct unbecoming, adultery, assault and rape, disobedience of Company and Post orders, requesting patrols leave their responsibility. Most certainly, as an MP he must be held to a higher standard. Can you image the damage done to the credibility with soldiers and families? The MP motto is ” Of the troops, for the troops”. Or at least it was years ago.

    The Post Commander should order the MP and CID chain of command to appear before him to explain why and how did the units are out of control. That’s a leadership problem ! It should or will appear on their efficiency reports or worse.

    Who knows what the heck CID was doing ? Did they determine that the statements lacked creditability ? Did the command determine equal quilt and prosecution would make matters worse ? Was evidence good enough for a case ?

    Was the Post so embarrassed that they thought necessary to sweep it under the rug ? The Post Law Enforcement running amuck after the assault and rape but also no one reporting the barracks activity !

    Trust me this is going to get very nasty and the Army Chief of Staff, IG and the Sec of Army and the Sec of Defense are furious.

    Are these allegations ? He said-she said ? Prosecutable case ? It’s seems that a counseling statement was issued, that’s very odd. That’s usually to identify short comings that need improvement or correction. Failure to comply could result with military punishment or discharge.

    When we are desperate for manpower and standards are lowered these situations can be expected. There is more than a Blue Line here, there’s the combat brotherhood that leads to protecting one another.

    The allowing of women into combat arms and gender issues to exist will lead to even worse problems. There is a major difference in a short skirmish and prolonged combat. There is a report out there that states same gender rape is at high rate. Yes, there has always been gays serving but they were mature about their activity therefore no one said anything. But to flaunt is waving a red flag. Heterosexuals bragging were usually ignored because they were bs barracks talk.

  4. Jerry K says:

    It must be really interesting in tbe submarine service.

  5. Amy says:

    No one deserves to be sexually assaulted or hit by any man the fact he is getting away with it is ridiculous she obviously wasnt with her husband if living at the barracks with this dirtbag loser with a title and the government backing his loser rapist ass this a is disgusting injustice

  6. FreeAmerican says:

    Has anyone considered if there was a no contact order in February that technically his chain of command knew about the inappropriate relationship and failed to do their duty in February to keep him from contacting her again. ESPECIALLY if they both got arrested and an IG complaint about adultery was made in February by the husband. Usually that gets the chain of commands attention. The chain of command failed their solider and the solider failed himself. Interesting. Its very common for soldiers to be married especially into contract for the extra benefits and pay. Whatever the marriage situation the husband does not seemed to butthurt about it if he is supporting his wife through this, and you know the fact she was living with another man. Id assume it would get hard coming up with excuses after excuse where she was every night unless some sort of arrangement was made. Sounded like they had a contract marriage and that this horrible event brought them closer. As for the solider of course he is going to play innocent, those are hard charges coming his way, well suppose to be coming his way, but look him up and he seems “peachy and ready for a promotion” . Good job Fort Bliss you have a man under investigation and you’re going to promote him. Lets all join the military and do as we please, forget about justice. If there is enough documented evidence of hospital reports, bruising, audio and testimony then this “man” should not be on duty at all and the word demotion should be in his near future not promotion. DISGUSTING. Hopefully all our young daughters out their do not run into a sick “man” like this, or even him. Hopefully the woman gets justice. I’m ashamed of everyone blaming her, she’s pregnant with the assailants child, no matter the situation he should not have touched her in any way to produce harm while she’s carrying his kid. That’s not a man, that’s a coward. Did his dad teach him how to abuse women, probably where it started. There is so much social cacophony about law enforcement and blue lives matter, don’t get me wrong, large law enforcement family, but when you hear about this you can almost understand why some people just build up hate towards a specific group. This man and all his friends should be ashamed to call themselves “law enforcement” when they do not enforce the law but break it and cover for each other as they see fit. There is no honor in what they do, it makes all the good soldiers and law enforcement look bad. I’m sure this wont be the last and probably is not the first attempts at a cover up for a fellow law enforcement officer.

  7. Captain America says:

    Put this fake man away! He does not serve God or his country by stepping on others freedoms. Narcissistic psychopath. Yeah go look him up! what a scum bag! The post commander should be answering to this and having leadership report to him especially if they had to re-open and close the case numerous times and run this girl around. People this guy has numerous affiars with probably a lot of wives on post and off post, she was just a stupid naiive young girl that got caught up in his “charm”. She should have left after the January incident. We don’t know what its like to go back to abusers, hopefully she has learned not to play with fire, and hopefully for the 93rd Battalions sake they do something to this chum bucket besides a slap on the wrist and a negative counseling. Everyone in the investigation or had contact with the victim should have to report to the General of post and be investigated. Only thing saving her bottom is the audios she has of this scum bag. Major brotherhood protection right here. Please let this go up to Congress, I hope she’s brave enough to get this on other social media. The army leadership obviously has a major problem that they cant handle and should let the state of Texas prosecute. I honestly don’t believe she has to worry about anything, this loser doesn’t have enough juevos to be a real man let alone a father. God help that poor child she’s expecting, deserves much better than this man as a dad. He already had one victim he doesn’t need to ruin another person.

  8. One way or another says:

    I don’t think the woman was an innocent victim in this case. Just a thought. Initially, she might have succumbed to the charms, returning repeatedly ? Unless she had the “blame herself syndrome.

    As for the husband. He could be an understanding, forgiving and loving husband. Is it a contract marriage ? Only they know the real situation. It may or may not come as a shock to some. There are open marriages, husbands or wives that are ok with spouses having lovers because of the separations, some that are unable to impregnate the wife so agree to a surrogate. This day and age, anything goes so that could be another factor. I’ve seen of situations of the type I just described.

    Best thing is to let the investigation pan out and see what happens. Even if there were no innocent victims, there WILL be consequences because of the bad pr.

    • FreeAmerican says:

      Yes because she begged this man to beat her and the child she carries. When you think about it a man with years of combat training and deployment vs a 23 year old pregnant girl you have to laugh at the situation because obviously who will do more damage. How did she “egg” him on to rape her? Yeah I agree consequences should definitely follow, but to blame only her is total bull, he sounds like a piece of work. Either way the military does not seem to be handling it because he indeed is a law enforcement member on post. Would you want your son or daughter to go on post for whatever reason let’s say a party and they are underage and everyone gets busted except the military personnel because they are members of the service and your kiddos get slammed with federal charges because they are civilians. Not protecting her, but yeah we don’t know her marriage situation and the fact that post hasn’t done squat but run her and her attorney around is what people are irritated about. Favoritism* not freedom and its gross.

  9. One way or another says:

    Nope, not placing all the blame on her. I have seen cases on both sides of domestic violence and rape. It’s not always as it appears. Which is why I say let the investigation pan out.

    I’m not so sure this favoritism, more likely a case of extreme embarrassment. Or it could be letting it crawling away because the result could make matters worse.

    I really don’t think this is let the military go free and we get the civilians. To be honest military dependent are in a different category of a regular civilian. Not all but most will be living in a Federal law and militarty environment so are fully aware of consequences for infractions. Habitual offenders that are dependent with family overseas can be returned to the US or use sponsorship which they no longer any dependent privileges in the host country. Families or individual families can be ordered vacate family quarters.

    This whole thing stinks but until an investigation is done as to why the chain of command failed, why there was no investigation (if true), etc. Its very serious for the military. Btw, the FBI can enter the case because it’s a crime committed on a federal installation and is an offense under USC 18. Not the military just the alleged rape, assault and trespassing.

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