Guest Editorial – I’m a conservative, Hispanic Republican, and I’m voting Trump

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  1. lisa says:

    I’m happy this blog was posted. Not all Hispanics, such as him, or myself are liberals or like to deviate from set laws and/or the Constitution/Federalist Papers. Our country, the USA, was founded as a Republic; not a Democracy. Thanks for posting this–mainstream media paints an incorrect picture only showing those Hispanics whom are against Trump, hardly ever those who are FOR Trump.

  2. Carl M Starr says:

    I think a lot of things about Government are just about streets and sewers and safety. Clinton has the experience of 30 years in those not so sexy things about Government. Trump has 0. While our 20T debt is crushing, we just like Japan [and just like the King of Debt] manage it fairly well.

    The world is a smaller interconnected village. What the Central Banks are doing worldwide printing money is a global issue, that will effect us weather we are in the front or tail end of the domino.

    There is only so much any President can do with a Congress. At least Clinton has been there and knows HOW to listen to advisers.

    Trump is his own worst enemy, the election IS HIS to lose.

    • Jerry K says:

      Carl, Americans love the political theatre that demagogues provide but they rarely elect them. So you can rest assured there will be another Clinton presidency which will probably mark the end of the America we both grew up in.

  3. Time for another way says:

    Carl, don’t always agree but enjoy another perspective.

    Hillary has experience but so do a lot of people and there are a lot unsuccessful people. Experience is great when one can point to accomplishments.

    At this point many are so tired of the same old bs and willing to try something new just like we did with the President. She and the President already stated she would be a part two of his policies. Not impressed with his policies but we gave him an opportunity to lead.

    The interesting part is Hillary and the President spent months and making the point that each other were not not qualified, incompetent, etc. Now we hear the exact opposite. So were they lying then or lying now ?

  4. Pedro Sandoval says:

    Give him enough rope and he will hang himself.

  5. Ronald Hennes says:

    This is a ltter/opinion of mine printed in the home edition of the EPT I think it was in the 9/16 issue but it might have been a day or two earlier or later that it ran:

    The commentary by Weston Martinez (a self described Hispanic Republican supporter of Trump) reflects the Trump pattern of asserting something is factual when – in fact – it is either false or minimally true. He wrote that individuals who are not authorized to work in the US/illegals, received 4.2 billion in refundable credits. These were Child Tax Credits (CTC)
    True. But common sense and statistics reveal the vast majority of these children are US citizens who are thus helped by this allowable refund. Also, reliable studies show that these same workers pay around 12 billion in state and local taxes (1-1.5 billion in Texas) and billions more are paid in federal taxes including into Social Security and Medicare and Workman’s Comp accounts for which these payers will never see a cent in benefits. Texas, as well as the rest of the country tolerated and looked the other way, encouraged workers from Mexico to come here and do jobs few Americans would do. For decades we enticed them. And for cheap politics they are now demonized as the source of all of our problems. Mr Martinez (like Trump) hits below the belt with mis facts that are either totally false or are greatly misleading and that inflame the right wing angry base who will never fact check (nor want to) their accuracy.
    As a side, he tosses in some senseless comments about having a president who does not “grovel” in the presence of other world leaders. Typical red meat baseless hyperbole suggesting a draft dodging Trump is somehow a tough guy now. These type of repeat the mistruths supporters are what Trump relishes

  6. jesus b ochoa jr says:

    thank, you, ronald hennes. well said. the misguided “hispanics” who romanticized about trump and helped put him in office must truly be delighted by the acumen of his cabinet, which has made america a laughing stock, and his spokes people who refuse to answer media questions but insist on defending a vulgarian, sexist contemptible bully and a boor who is a draft dodger to boot.

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