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Arpaio Queued for Jail

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3 Responses

  1. Anglocentric says:

    A few years ago coming back from Acuna, I had the folks at one of those 25 mile border checkpoints throw me into secondary inspection. I just assumed they were hassling me because it was a slow day and they’d get brownie points for searching a non-Hispanic white (to show they weren’t profiling Hispanics). I had to open the trunk, show ID and answer a ton of questions about my reasons for being in the road. When I got back to my hoteI, found a baby had been kidnapped at a hospital by a middle aged white woman. I fit that profile and it was unusal for women business travellers dressed in suits to be on that road so they searched my car. Fortunately, I obey our laws and treat officers with respect even if I disagree with what they are doing, so other than making a long day longer, it was no big deal. If the majority of illegal aliens in Sheriff Joe’s county are Hispanic I can see why he profiles Hispanics. He is also probably looking for other things like cars that seem overloaded with passengers or heavy in the trunk area, folks carrying backpacks who look like they’ve been traveling a long time and day laborer pickup zones. In short behavior and appearances may also be flags. I believe we should prosecute all illegal aliens regardless of ethnicity, but if certain regions have higher levels of one ethnicity make sense so does profiling.

    • Jerry K says:

      Martin just doesn’t get this. It’s like strip searching your grandmother at the airport to prove you’re not discriminating against arabs.

  2. Glass House says:

    Gov Clinton ordered his state troopers to target Hispanics. He went to be President and now his wife states Hispanics are numbers for votes. Then they both turn around and profess love for Hispanics ?

    I agree there should tougher enforcement of the canadian border but then we have shores. How many Canadians and others are fleeing to the US ?

    The southern border has everybody from everywhere sneaking in. At the same time Mexico has draconian immigration laws.

    Profiling Hispanics in Arizona, that means anyone that appears to be Hispanics. Italians, Arabs, Turks, Greeks, Filipinos, most South Americans. So are Mexicans the only ones being stopped ? What about the white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair Hispanics, are they being stopped ?

    Is his motive racist, political, or law enforcement ? Btw, are brown skinned people the only ones in Tent city ? I’ve seen a lot of white and black skinned in his jails .

    Question is a wall to keep the US white ? Then what color is Mexico trying to keep with its walls(literally) ? The term wall is interchangeable according to Hillary, isn’t that odd there is no criticism? A more accurate definition would be a fence but that doesn’t sound as bad.

    Once again, I ask how many of you have used the terms mayate, gabacho(?), kike, Mick, kraut, frog, zipper head, dot or rag head any racist term ?

    Perhaps the sheriff is being attacked because he is white.

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