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Bob Moore and Self-Serving Commentary

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  1. Anglocentric says:

    The same issue applies to death notices. There is a requirement that a death notice (not an obituary) be published when people die to inform anyone that person owed a debt to of the death when there is an estate to collect from. When newspapers were the predominant form of communication, that requirement made sense, but today circulation is down to the point where legal notice laws should all be changed. The population has as much access to the Internet as they do to newspapers via the public library and I would be willing to bet more people read news from computers or smart phones in El Paso, than read the EP Times. It would be nice if our progressives would work to change the public notice laws that require them to buy space in the Times and other papers so that they could post on their own websites. Good post today, Martin.

  2. Bob says:

    The legal requirement that public notices be published in the local newspaper is older than this country. Blaming City Counsel, Bob Moore or anyone at the El Paso Times is like criticizing the local constable for executing a writ of possession. If you don’t like it, take it to the Texas Legislature, and then be prepared to take it to the US Supreme court where you can argue about the burdensome costs of due process of law.

    There is self serving commentary, and then there is uninformed, self-serving commentary. This blog is chock full of the latter.

  3. Moore of the same ? says:

    I sure that the newly appointed president of the Times cracks down on moore and company. She stated there would be more reporting.

    I wonder if it will be one sided investigations which should start with the Times and continue with investigating its ties to the locally elected Mafia.

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