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Texas Now Accepts the Mexican Voter Registration Cards as Valid Identification

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4 Responses

  1. Watch the Hands ! says:

    You got it ! I thought it was very odd. Who are these people that can’t prove Mexican citizenship ?

    Is Stout aiming for another office ? By pushing for the muni-id he would appear to be doing something for the people. Is he following orders from the queen or is he really that idiotic. He’s turning a non-issue into an issue for political gain.

  2. Anglocentric says:

    Perhaps they are just trying to create few jobs for friends or relatives. And by the way, Martin, I do not consider Mexico xenophobic when they enforce their immigration laws. I think it is very small minded of you to suggest that those of us who have a problem with programs designed to help illegal aliens in our country are xenophobic. I’d have the same issue with it if we were flooded with illegal aliens from Britain. Any government effort to make it easier for folks who choose to break our immigration laws to do so more easily is wrong. It doesn’t happen in Mexico or in most other countries.

  3. Barbara says:

    Stout specifically mentioned the ability to open a checking account save money purchase a home contribute to the economy and not have to get high interest payday loans. He fails to explain how someone living in our country illegally can I show proof of a gainful employment as is required to purchase a home. He also fails to acknowledge that there are several banks in El Paso that except the matricula consular ID card. He also fails to state that two small focus groups which the city conducted failed to even get one vote to the importance opening a bank account. So his very defense of Municipal IDs is not supported by the very group who’s asking for the municipal IDs. In addition if anybody read the white paper prepared by the city they would see that the pro forma financials we’re not done in a manner which portrays expenses and revenue properly. The white report shows that demand for the municipal ID cards will be driven by the number of clerks that the city assigned to this project. It further shows the cities that they used as comparisons in the report the total Municipal IDs issued in 5 years were approximately 10000 respectively. Yet the white report shows 13500 cards to be issued each year for 5 years in El Paso. Remember that’s based on Four Clerks. And disgards the original 10,000 figure that Robert from border Network for human rights stated. I too agree with martin that there is an alterior motive here. Which has nothing to do with banks, schools, libraries, Etc. The white paper is an eye-opener. I would encourage people to take the time and read it and you too will oppose the issuance of Municipal IDs. Especially since birth certificates got the most votes by the focus groups and that has now been taken off the table by the state of Texas since they now accept the matricula consular.

  4. Helo says:

    Those hiding in the “shadows” aren’t going to want to fill out some information and have their pictures taken. Are you kidding? They won’t even do census reports.

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