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Private Devices and Open Records Documents

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  1. Thomas says:

    Open record laws or freedom of information act are seen as no more than nuisance laws and a irritant by our appointed and elected officials. What do they really have to fear? Courts say it does not matter if were or how they are conducting the peoples business this information must be preserved and made available under the law unless the law says it can be withheld.
    Martin if they were conducting the peoples’s business with smoke signal people in government have a duty and a obligation to preserve a record in some form of those communications. The problem is the legalization has not teeth to rely enforce this and as we have see whether it’s the DOJ or our District attorney they can just out right ignore these laws with mostly esoteric legal babble, legal slight of hand, and get away with it.
    Short of a average person having the financial means to force the issue in a court of law they can laugh at you, me and others with the words “prove the documents you are asking for exist”. Sure it’s criminal hide and seek but who is going to stop them when those who should enforce these laws are complicit in the failure of enforcement. Martin for our appointed and elected officials it’s no more than a game,hey they know they are winning and they know there is little chances of them being held accountable.

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