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  1. Upside Down US flag !!! says:

    Totally agree. This is a terrible election year. Even Sanders is not a good choice unless you prefer socialism.

    Here in El Paso there are terrible choices as well. The only changes are the choices are getting worse.

    Something has to give, we can not continue down this path of hate, chaos, no leadership. How in the heck do we expect to survive as a country ? There is no unity whatsoever. Everybody demands special treatment and no regard for civic responsibility. We should be able to disagree without the hate. The politicians no longer vote for what’s best for the country. Their votes are decided by ideology and personal gain. What happen to the days when elected officials voted for the right thing not expediency?

    Perhaps, we should return to the old days when transportation was slow so the DC politicians had to stay there sharing living space and soccializing. Basically they had to get along. Thus more good legislation. Should it be a requirement that they stay there only returning for national holidays or special family events. Sure it mean less face time with constituents but that maybe they won’t return to DC with all the hate that is alive at the local level.

    We are in a major mess regardless of the party. Somehow we gave to come together and decide what’s best for America not every special group.

  2. JGR says:

    It is truly a sad time for our country. In a nation of brilliant minds, and strong leaders, these two are best we can come up with??? One is a liar and the other a carnival barker…I weep for our nation…smdh

  3. Jerry K says:

    But if you are a threat to either candidate or their party, chances are you’ll live. Not always so for opponents of the PRI or PAN.

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