Why Donald Trump’s Comments About Mexicans Offends Me

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  1. Less racist than others ? That's ok ? says:

    Does Mexico send people, didn’t Mexico provide maps and helpful tips ? Does Mexico discourage or stop the people from crossing without documentation ? Is money sent home revenue for Mexico ? Does Mexico do anything to improve lives of its citizens so they would prefer to stay ? Why does Mexico hate a border wall while it maintains one on its southern border ?

    Trump readily states that he knows it’s not just Mexicans violating U.S. Immigration laws. Is that a racist statement ? Is he a racist ? Perhaps, only he knows. Is he more racist than the average person, I don’t know him so I don’t know. By the same token, I don’t know who really is a racist. If one uses racial slurs or denigrates others, whether it’s in private or in public, are they racist ? Most of you would deny it and justify the language as just joking or flash anger. Remember, the racial slurs at the State Dem convention a couple of years ago ? One person yelled it repeatedly so ALL Dems are racist ?

    People of the same ethicity feel superior to the darker ones. Is that racist ? Or it is ok because they are of the same heritage? Nigga, mojato, mayate, gavacho (excuse spellings). If you even just think about those adjectives, you ARE a racist ! Oh, wait the hate speech or anger is directed at one person but not your close friends. Close friends that are of other ethic groups.

    In some form or another, we are all members of some type of minority or subjected to discrimination. Some hate fat people, some hate skinny, red hair, green eyes, sexuality, religion, region, nationality and political affiliation. Some are still fighting the civil war ! So before suggesting that only others are racist or prejudice, start by looking in the mirror. Think about your speech and thoughts. Yes, thinking it is as bad as saying it.

    The current administration constantly blames whites for everything ? Isn’t that racist ? We see whites supporting that view. ? Oh, they are the “good” ones, only the ones that disagree are racist. Well, if one person is blamed, are others of the same group guilty ?

  2. Anglocentric says:

    While Trump was inarticulate, the point he made about the judge isn’t racist. The judge belongs to La Raza Lawyers of San Diego which is an ethnocentric political activist group with a PAC that makes it very clear that getting their endorsement of candidates requires demonstrated service to Latino causes. When I hear La Raza, I tend to think radical ethnocentric agenda. Let’s imagine this was a non-Hispanic white judge who belonged to a group called Aryan Lawyers of Birmingham and the Presidential candidate was Black. If the same decisions were being made on a similar civil suit and the plaintiff questioned whether or not the judge was biased against him, would we be drawing the same conclusions? Probably not. And Martin while you may not believe Mexico sends illegal aliens, the folks I listened to at my former employer who were heavily involved in the PAN seemed to think otherwise and that it was a brilliant idea.

  3. Thomas says:

    We wonder if Martin and a few others here would feel they would get a fair treatment before a white judge who belonged to say a White American Lawyers Association and at the same time they were running for office. In addition the association had supported those you were running against and had openly opposed you as a candidate. Sure Martin would be writing a connect the dots piece to why he can’t get a fair trail before such a judge.
    Funny how some haves double standard of fairness.
    The problem is we have to many jurist on the bench that are activist judges and attempt to legislate from the bench and fail to leave their personal biases, personal belief on the court house steps where they belong.

  4. JerryK says:

    Well, at least it’s not this bad yet here: “Many of the refugees and asylum seekers who go out at the weekend do not know the rules. When they see a girl, they go crazy, trying to grope her or grab her clothes,” Haderslev night club owner Rafi Ibrahim, himself an immigrant from Syria who has been living in Denmark for several years, told the Copenhagen Post.” – as reported by Russia Today.

    Other migrant horror stories appear almost daily in the EU press. In the UK, they’re having to teach them how to use flush toilets, a social skill taken for granted in the Anglo-European heteronormal civilized world now unraveling around us. Sharia patrols wander London and Copenhagen streets shutting down pubs, like modern day Carrie Nations, or extorting them to stay open. a practice they could have learned recently in Juarez. The police and the PC press routinely suppress stories of migrant violence and intimidation there.

    Trump is deservedly in his meltdown phase. When Hillary is POTUS, there will be no effective borders anymore. What we see now in the EU is coming to to us. Get ready.

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