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The Tommy Gonzalez Letters of Reprimand

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6 Responses

  1. Dumb, Dumber and Dirtier says:

    Martin, you didn’t hold back and stated like it is ! Hand clap to you ! For the council and ethics circus, well I think most of you know what I give them.

    The perv is crowing about the west side pool ladies getting possibility obtaining a thousand signatures and thought it laughable and insignificant because it would be 1000 out of 700, 000. That’s strange, he called a little over 1000 votes for Tolbert a mandate and a landslide. Whoa, the bs is so obvious.

    Then he goes into a sad, sniff, sniff story about the people that have lousy parks and have to do without. Odd, he thought it was a great idea to prioritize a trolley, a super sized TV screen, a PARK that still isn’t finished. Toilets that will have to be leased which in the long run will cost more than installing toilets.

    He is part of the lying and bs brigade. I crinch when, he calls himself a veteran or a NCO. It gives the active duty and former active duty members a bad name. His personal and so called professional conduct is so disgusting that thanks goodness he is no longer in the service ! Gomer or Beetle.

    I can’t believe that Escobar and Ordaz are still associating with him, perhaps it’s more like using him. That’s all he’s good for.

  2. Anglocentric says:

    The bigger question is why isn’t more scrutiny being placed on his consulting activities and given the unneeded $60k pay raise he got that brought his salary back to former levels, why is he even allowed to consult? Look no further than Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees to see how easily this can be abused.

  3. abandon hope says:

    Susie Byrd started the complaints about street resurfacing in District 2 because her street didn’t get done. She called the Times, then Tolbert. All part of the attempt to get rid of a non-Shapleighite representative and city manager

  4. woodpecker says:

    Susie’s house needs to be reported with all the crap in her “environmentally” pristine front yard. She no doubt started the finger pointing. This whole group of Caballero cool aide drinking minions has had a difficult time giving up control, so now they got Tolbert to muddy the already slip sliding council. I can’t think how much animosity was created by Tolbert when he called them worthless and stupid on TV right before he was sworn in. All the districts need paving and i remember the issue of the alleys was an EPA mandate about keeping down dust. Where did that money go that was allocated? There’s a story for you Martin. Tommy has done good work but he has detractors inside the council as well as in the employees, especially those who were hired by Byrd, Ortega, Lilly, Cook, and Beto. I’d want to slash my wrist if i had ORDAZ and LIMON as a boss, now add TOLBERT. I think we’re about to lose a good city manager.
    Oh and you can also blame the TIMES, and Bob Moore the head minion. What a job they’re doing on Tommy. I would think it fringes on libel.

  5. Thomas says:

    Sad most of you do not get it. This was mostly about diverting your attention away from the city doing nothing about Wilson actions and what it cost you the tax payers. Hey it worked! What Tommy did was nothing worse than school yard, school boy antics compared to what Wilson did.

  6. Anita says:

    There’s a feud between La India Maria and Tommy? Is someone from the county telling her how to feud with him? For once I agree with Thomas.

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