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The Fallacy That Immigrants Should Assimilate – What Is the Dominant Culture?

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5 Responses

  1. Stubbornness to change = failure/misery says:

    I wouldn’t say that Anglo-Saxon is the dominant culture. Newcomers have until recently readily understand that path to any career is the ability to communicate. Though some some speak several languages or a native language and english, the common language is English.

    When you are among friends, family or people that understand speak whatever you want. Once you step outside that circle then you have to refer to the one language everyone speaks or should. The English language of the USA is unique because being the “melting pot” is intermixed with vocabulary from other nationalities.

    Dress, customs, food. I have seen some cultures retain their dress from the old country. Turbans, Sari, some Germans wearing leather shorts, a Laotian lady wearing her native dress at the zoo. Asians wearing the flip flops and occasionally the country shirts, Japanese restrauants wearing kimonos, etc. Food, that’s another uniting factor. Schnitzel, suzchi, crepes, french or Italian bread, Viet namese beef soup, burritos, hot salsa.

    There many unifying factors and we should continue to be a Melting Pot or fort some a tossed salad. Every new nationality has assimilated and have been successful according to ability. Anytime, someone moves to another country if they intend to be successful and happy, they must learn the new country language. Otherwise, can’t communicate, misery !

    The refusal to assimilate is very puzzling because if one wanted the new place to be just like your former country, then why leave it. It just doesn’t make sense. Love your country of origin more than your adopted country and constantly criticize it, then perhaps you should return to your country. I believe some complain just complain no matter where they live. I bet as much as they hate the American way of life, they will fight to stay and refuse to return to the former country. Hate America, perhaps this place is not for you. Then find one that will provide conditions to refuse assimilation and still succeed.

    Here’s it simply put, join the French Foreign Legion. It is mandatory that non French speakers attend classes to learn. The classes are during the recruit training. The classes are designed so that the student has to learn certain phrases in a given period. The tutor outside the classroom is a french speaker and he doesn’t have any free time until you learn. So you know the motivation is not going to be pleasant. Why is the language so important, it’s a french unit and that’s the communication regardless of your country of origin. Then you have to assimilate to a new way of live.

  2. Jerry K says:

    You forgot to name the other artifacts of Anglo culture that Mexico would do well to imitate: college degrees; professional certifications; laws that people obey; personal taxes paid; golf clubs; polos, khakis, penny loafers; mac and cheese.

  3. Anglocentric says:

    Well said.

  4. Lisa says:

    All these comments are spot on! I don’t understand why ppl from socialistic countries immigrate to the US bc they couldn’t find work in their country of origin. Once they arrive in the US, they try to convince us how great and wonderful socialism ( or communism ) is. Then why did they purposely move here?

    • Jerry K says:

      Welfare, at least the local arrivals. Just show up and say you’re a refugee and Obama will let you in faster than you can say Allahu Ahkbar. It beats picking bananas.

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