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Jigging for Ann Coulter’s Blessing

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6 Responses

  1. Co-Authored by Sandernista and Clintonjung says:

    I’ll make sure I don’t drink whatever she had. I have never read such a distorted, divisive, fiction and inflammatory OPINION. However, it’s her opinion everyone else hit the highway.

    This a perfect example of the proganda that is fed to those that blame everyone else for a lack of progress. There are many that started in the fields or worse, picking cotton. They worked hard to get out the fields and went on to be successful. No blaming, no excuses, no self pity. This the type of bs that fed to keep a knee on the neck and maintain control of the people by brainwashing. You CANT make it because it’s the white man’s fault and those that do break the hold are traitors. You are a traitor if you teach children to have high expectations. They want to keep you in sandals and riding burros while they drive by in a new car with a/c. Stopping long enough to yell “keep up the struggle, viva La Raza ! Viva Brrown Berets !” Take a good at the revoluntionaries, like Castro, he adopted the very lavish lifestyle and oppression of the people that he promised he would eliminate. Hugo Chavez implemented austere policies for his people while he lived well. Look at Venezuela, Honduras. Especially Mexico, two classes extremely rich or poor.

    My children are successful via their own efforts. They were raised to believe in themselves and hard work. They didn’t waste time and effort by marching on streets. They spent their time in the classroom. No apologizes, blaming or hating others for failure or demonizing those that are more successful. You reap what you !

  2. Co-Authored by Sandernista and Clintonjung says:

    They were never told they can not or will not escape poverty or have a successful career because they are Mexican. They are proud of their heritage and of their country. They have succeeded because they grew up with the the Mexican work ethic and American determination.

    Raise a child to have low expectations because of heritage and you get an adult with no ambition,low expectations, shame of heritage and no sense of self responsibility. “I could have been somebody if I had been born Anglo-

  3. Jerry K says:

    In my next life i want to have one of those hyphenated surnames, like the east coast old money crowd. Something like, “Lee-Pemberton.” Or better yet, have a surname for my first name, like “McGeorge Bundy.”

    I’m sure that next life will be just peachy.

  4. Anglocentric says:

    At a recent visit to the VA the staff member looked and my husband’s last name (it has Polish origins) and asked him, what kind of name is that. My husband’s response? American. If you want to call us nativists for being proud of being American first and our different heritages, second, that’s fine.

    • Jerry K says:

      Cis-gendered, hetero normal, majority patriarchal white male. I’m surprised they let him in:)

      • Anglocentric says:

        Funny thing about the VA, if you serve your country and manage to navigate the paperwork challenges of documenting your service connected disability, they let you in even if you are a white guy who doesn’t hypenate (as long as you empty your pockets, show your ID and don’t set off the metal detector).

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