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The Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez Whataburger Incident

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7 Responses

  1. Please give me a flash light at least ! says:

    This is much clearer so I would say the questions are : was it malfeasance of office by trying to intervene on behalf of the driver? Had the driver been drinking ? No field test ? The driver blew a cork over a parking space, was he influenced by drinking or because he felt protected by the two buddies? Why did the police ask Vince if he had been drinking, usually there is some indication to prompt that question ? Breath, speech, balance ? Did they interfere with police activity ? What did the two decide they were qualified to argue law? As I asked in the beginning of this comment, malfeasance of office by identifying themselves as El Paso government officials and expected special justice or intimidate the police? Why was nothing said or reported of an individual impeding traffic by blocking the other car?

    You’re correct Martin, the average citizen wouldn’t have gotten off so lightly. The majority of the El Paso police are not known for being “Bobby” like, you know the Bitish officer doesn’t use handcuffs and politely asks the perp to enter the police car.

    Maybe the police were concerned about being reassigned to walking a beat, night shift in Asarco or the Devils Triangle, alone.

  2. JerryK says:

    Maybe is was Jaimie in the car with them? Would you want that in the papers if you were Vince and Claudia?

    • Vendetta915 says:

      I do believe you are right, now this incident happened during the time he was on probation or right after? Well doesn’t matter, if it was Jaime would look to good on him or them either way.

  3. Vendetta915 says:

    I say it was Jaime, remember in those text messages between Jaime and Claudia, he calls her & Vince “Family.” Must suck for him having to be the dog on the leash, can’t run for office because of his past, has to live in the shadows being the number 2 guy. I bet it’s a living hell having to bow down to others because he can’t be the elected official or is to scared to run for office himself. Maybe if he got the balls to run himself he would see how people truly feel about him. Come on Jaime run for office win a seat. I he is truly the people’s voice then the people will elect him don’t you think?

  4. vforvendio says:

    come out of hiding “V” for vagina
    Vendetta915 muy chingon lmao

  5. Socorro Bullbog says:

    V is Jesse Gandara. He and that fat slob Jaime should run for something together. It would be like Hillary and Trump.

    They kinda look a like too.

  6. U says:

    Ask for transcripts of all calls to 911 or EPPD on that date and around that time. Ask if there were any phone calls with the DA’s Office or any of the EPPD supervisors on Duty that night around that time to include all radio transmissions on their regular band and secure bands.

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