Impunity in El Paso

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  1. No Progress-still an Outlaw county says:

    The cartoon is correct except in El Paso they are released and still collect the $200.

    What about the judge that “mistakenly” handle his own divorce. A reprimand ! Robinson was stopped with nothing on his vehicle or about it was legal. Nothing happen ! The two board members that admitted fraud against the Feds in the hospital scandal. Nothing happen ! The commissioners court manipulating the city council meeting while on the county’s pay. Nothing happen ! Cost over runs and missed deadlines on the plaza project, still not finished. Nothing happen ! Acosta treacherous agreement to leave city employment and not return. She is on city council ! The perv gets caught showing his children sex videos of their mother, doesn’t pay child support in Arizona, outstanding warrants in AZ and NM. He’s hired by the commissioners court, cuts a court deal, hired by school board to do door knocking and maintains uninhibited access to city hall and commissioners court ! Stout gets caught campaigning on the States dime. Placed on vacation and gets elected ! Well, we know about Wilson. She gets hired by workforce !

    Then we have the El Paso Hall off Shame members getting incarcerated and being inducted into the Hall. What was the first count ? 30. This next time? 6. The U.S. Marshal forced to resign or be escorted out of his office. A few years ago, the FBI Special Agent in Charge is pals with mobsters and goes to jail. We have a horny State Judge. We even have a former commander of FT Bliss hooking up former West Point classmates. Oh, we have such a wonderful city and county !

    Still believe there is equal justice in El Paso ? I’m sure you do and I’m sure you will vote for the crooks over and over.

    • Vendetta915 says:

      Do tell about the Prev’s New Mexico legal issues, I heard a rumor that he even has some legal issues in Oklahoma. He prides himself as being Cesar Chavez’s godson but maybe he prides himself for being like Chavez in his later years when his legacy was tainted. But please all his legal issues need to be plastered on here so that people can see him for he truly is a POS

    • Vendetta915 says:

      So what did the prev do in Nuevo Mejico? < **Edited by Martin on May 17, 2016 at 16:43ET: Please limit your comments to facts**> Is this true and where exactly was this?

  2. Beatthechicken says:

    Martin, you’re an idiot. Go back to whatever country you crawled out of and stop showering El Paseons with your ignorance. A cop you are NOT, the officers wanted the subjects to leave by default that is not being detained. You are beating the damn horse and what remains is your stupidity.

  3. Thomas says:

    Clearly an Ordaz /Perez supporter. Yep Martin only smoking gun is that the report was with held by the city and once the city was outed they did their two step dance to try and cover it up. Also Martin never address getting a possible stolen government documents. Then again the city has not launch an investigation so it’s kind of hard to blame Martin when the city and a city official are just as guilty of violation of the law.
    As to Ordaz and Perez they were just passengers in the vehicle in question and unless the officers had probable cause they were involved in a crime they had no right to question them or ask for their I.D. but only the driver of the car. So did an officer or officers over step their authority looks possible.
    Then again as elected officials there was no reason to throw out the do you know who we are card in an attempt to favor so kind of special treatment beyond their rights as a citize.
    All Martin has shown is you got some real big problems and issues with elected officials and El Paso government. Then just turn a blind eye again as is the standard for El Paso and next time no one will even blink when such happens.
    See it gets easier each time to look the other way, say it’s no big deal, become conditioned, except and expect bad behavior from your local elected officials and bad government in El Paso.

  4. No Kentucky Colonel says:

    Thomas, ju gotit mang. The people in El Paso are trapped in the culture of the politicians can do whatever they want and there’s nothing we can do. Unfortunately that’s brought over from Mexico.

    Chicken has been plucked so many times that it has become acceptable.

    Corruption is routine, expected and accepted. Change that and real progress will be the result. None of let’s build a train, stadium, tall buildings. None of that does anything for the city except for the sleight of hand and those that speak out of two different orifices.

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