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Tommy Gonzalez Answers and the El Paso Times $20 million Bias

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8 Responses

  1. Jerry K says:

    It all pales in the face of $20MM added to the cost of the stadium and the other pissant stuff is just that – pissant stuff – intended to obfuscate the issue of the bond sale. For EPT, it likely has as much to do with preserving the Wilson legacy and CM form of government she represents that, I hope, we can jettison one of these days.

    So when do we finally know who decided to delay the bond sale? Not that anything will happen with it because it was not illegal, just smarmy,

  2. James says:

    I haven’t read the piece in the newspaper, since I don’t read the newspaper, but my mom does. She received a notice from her carrier that if there was a newspaper missing any day, other than Sunday, the El Paso Times will not replace it. So, the newspaper does have an agenda about screwing their reliable customers as well. I think they are really trying to eliminate their existence in El Paso, so very limited info would be available to inform El Pasoans. You can bet that the federal government has subsidized programs to restrict info as much as possible in cities.

  3. El Beto says:

    Oh I believe Bob Moore is using the El Paso Times for his friends Political agenda. The fact that he ran an article about Mr. Fierro being ineligible to run cause he is a service member was completely false. Mr. Fierro is a MSG in the USAR not the active duty which are allowed to seek and hold public office. He could’ve contacted HRC or a local recruiter to get that information.

    • El Beto says:

      Instead he sites another Blog which is unfortunate because that blogger is also a fellow veteran. So was it intentional on both their parts who knows but what I can draw from this is that I can’t depend on the truth from Mr. Moore and company

  4. J. N. says:

    Thank you for running this. I’ve been wondering the same thing. Why does the $20M not warrant an equal examination as Gonzalez-Romero? Thanks for shedding light on the matter.

  5. How Much More Can We Afford? says:

    Between the city and the county, we have a loss of approx half a billion dollars. And that’s not the complete total. The hospital scandal is ongoing and the penalties for fraud haven’t been discussed nor has anyone been prosecuted.

    Approx 1/2 billion dollars loss !! And the few voters still don’t see the need for a change in the candidates, elected and the so called progressives. How much does the region need to waste or lose due to failed and confusing decisions before people stopping for the same people over and over or elect those that continue with same stupidity ? How much ?

    1/2 billion dollars and we haven’t calculated interest on bonds or the future costs of all their stupidity. Yet, they cry and cry that there isn’t enough for infrastructure.

    How much more can the region hemorrhage before people register and make informed votes ? How much more can the region hemorrhage before drone voters wake up ?How much more can the region hemorrhage before people get off their cans and vote ?

    Isn’t anyone concerned about the increasing losses ? Isn’t concerned about increase in taxes? There is NO free money like they tell you. Federal taxes, state, county, city, public utilities, education, food, water, vehicle registration. All of these have increased. It’s only another dime or the cost of a hot dog. That’s what they tell you. And you except it every six months. Oh yes, they tell they will fight the increases for us, yeah right and lucha libre is real.

    As soon we caught a break at the gas pump, what did hear? The county wants to increase taxes. For what ? To cover their losses ?

  6. Mike says:

    Folks, you must realize that there is something far more nafarious at play here. I know it sounds like a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, but I beg you to do your own research on the matter. I used to know more of the facts, but my memory is not not so good, but I will tell you this. El Paso signed on with an organization which used to be called ICLEI, as far as I know, it can still be found online. They did this in the early 2000’s, when Beto O’Rourke, Susie Byrd, and Steve Ortega were.all on the council. “Plan El Paso,” which is the organization that is “architechting” downtown, is part of an organization called the American Planning Association. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, except these two organization ( ICLEI and the American Planning Association,) are the primary pushers of United Nations Agenda 21, which essentially subverts the Constitution. Thus being domestic enemies of the Constitution. The city council has a big book, which you can find the complete text and download it online called the “Growing Smart Legislative Handbook,” or something like that. It essentially nullifies property rights among other things. This is why they are developing downtown so hard, in spite of what the citizens of El Paso really want. You can find videos on YouTube of people describing it i n great detail too. Ben Swann’s sister (I forgot her name,) is here in town, and she has a video explaining it too. Please, enlighten yourself to the real monster behind the mask. It is much worse than you think it is…

  7. Every day the El Paso Times is becoming less of a newspaper and more of an outlet for Bob Moore to support the political agenda’s of his friends. $20 million is a lot of money, but he doesn’t do the same (or any) in-depth reporting that he did for the Gonzalez/Romero stories.

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