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Pope Should Address Narcolimosnas

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4 Responses

  1. Vendetta915 says:

    It’s a dangerous issue if he decides to address that in Mexico, what has history taught us Martin?

    It’s a dangerous thing being an honest individual, they might decide to light him a candle if he decides to address this directly. But that might be a good thing in the end for the War on Drugs don’t you think?

  2. Vendetta915 says:

    BTW Martin the selling of indulgences is not a new practice in the Catholic Church, Martin Luther protested this in the 1500s

  3. Jerry K says:

    Don’t forget the role of the Vatican Bank in this, either, for decades captive to Mafia interests and money laundering. So much so, that Visa and MasterCard dropped it from membership and you had to pay by cash in the Vatican gift shops for a while as they could not accept you credit cards. The previous pontiff and John Paul II (you know, the One who is now a “saint”) did little to stop it, probably for all the reasons you mention above.

    Money is dirty. Imagine the stories each bill in your wallet could tell over its lifetime.

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