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County Releases Withheld Document to Me

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2 Responses

  1. Jerry K says:

    Good work. You should buy the EPT, Martin, and come back to El Paso.

  2. rubdog says:

    Martin your doing a good job continue I know how it feels to be ignored,my mother was sentenced 25 years for being abused and defending herself,her trial was a bunch of made up lies the El paso county sherif that took the stand wasn’t the detective that questioned her the confession they forced out of her was because they took me to the sheerifs station stood me there they threatened to her they would arrest me if she didn’t confess to the crime as mother they knew how to get a confession my mother didn’t deserve what they did plus the sheerifs could have done something by arresting my father the 27times they came to her house,but in court ADA James Montoya said on twice the went to her home which he knows was a lie,my mother is loved by her family she worked at umc cleaning rooms she was a good worker my father died of the aloholast poisonin my mother’s trial had an ADA involved in autopsy cover up a judge that was reprimanded for his comments about women ,A medical examiner who was fired twice and all these officials are still employed with the courts and count something is wrong

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