The Larry Romero Affair

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  1. Do You Get it Now ? says:

    In typical El Paso fashion, once the source of the smoke is located, the finger pointing begins with the childish responses. “What about what he/she did, how come nothing is being said, it was worse then what I did”. In childish terms, I will respond, “two wrongs don’t make it right, steal a penny is as bad as stealing a thousand, if Johnny jumps off the cliff, will you do the same?” Do you get it now ?

    The 22 million at city hall, the millions at the hospital, Valenti getting a nice piece of change recently. The UMNC scandal has been pushed aside, thus providing cover for county. Already forget the secret phone calls to manipulate policy ? Either El Paso has earned the title for the dumbest officials in the U.S. or the most corrupt. Which title will they claim? Either title indicates El Paso is in serious trouble. No more hiding within executive session, alleys, or delivery of the large brown envelope. The Times is desperately trying to appear as being concerned about the situations because the dam has sprung a leak and the cracks are getting bigger. Its like when someone is held in high esteem and then charged, the supporters will change opinions, stating “I always thought there was something strange about him just couldn’t put my finger on it “. Get it Times? Once the dam bursts, you might find yourself going with the flood. The vest will not do you any good. Nor
    changing your opinion,

    It is time that the citizens say enough is enough and I want to know what the hell are you doing ! If you’re that stupid, out you go. If you’re that corrupt, out you go. Either way, these are the ONLY two explanations. There are no other. Can’t bs yourself out of this one.

    Citizens if you really love the area and are proud, get rid of every last one. No rare-elections, no elections to another office. Don’t listen to the I love you or I fully support this and that. You’ve heard it all before, you believed it, so why would any sane person believe or even listen to the bs. Once in office, everyone of them changed positions and couldn’t care less about what you voted for. One official even stated “they don’t understand, it’s too complex”. Not a quote but essentially the same message. So we’re stupid ! That comment is enough to stop supporting that person.

    Suddenly donations are being returned and there is refusal of the reserved box seats. Really it just occurred to the politicians that it doesn’t look right. It’s more likely, we noticed ! How about the reserved parking spots at the airport? Are they traveling on official business or is it for personal business or pleasure. The public doesn’t notice, so they don’t tell.

    City Hall and County you have lost respect, trust and creditability. Isn’t it time to resign or at least STOP the stupidity or corruption until your term ends. Either way you should be ashamed that you are NOT what was presented to get elected. For some of you STOP the I am cleaner than you speeches and grandstanding. Take a good look at your hands, they’re still crusted with dirt from YOUR shenanigans. Nonprofits and organizations STOP kissing up by creating photo ops with a certificate or letter when you know damn well the motive.

  2. GEN says:


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