Gun Control, Terrorism and the San Bernardino Shooting

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  1. Convert or Else ! says:

    A criminal or a nut can get a weapon anywhere anytime for the right price. And the weapons are usually stolen and being resold.

    As for the nut being a U.S. Citizen, no one ever said we don’t have our own share of evil people. The 70s and 80s proved that. But that doesn’t mean throw the gates open because we have own nuts. Why make it easy for those with nefarious intentions to come. It’s not just suspected terrorists, there are other undesirables. The argument for opening the borders has no merit, it’s like saying well my children to get drunk anyway so might as well give it to them at home. Or well the boy won’t stay from my daughter, who is hot to trot so they can move in and all the sex they want under my roof.

    Once again, we are a country of immigrants but how many of the immigrants threatened the U.S. ? I’m sure that in the Viet Namese Rush therre were VC or NVA, I’m sure during the Cuban rush there were communists. But did any of them threaten the U.S. before entering the country or after arrival. The vast majority assimilated. I will admit that some became involved in criminal activity.

  2. Anglocentric says:

    Actually in the Cuban “rush” otherwise known as the Mariel boat lift there were criminals because Castro opened his prisons and shipped out some of the prisoners in that exodus. Residents of South Florida paid a price for that particularly during the period when “kick in the door in broad daylight” burglaries were prevalent. That said this terrorist incident underscores one thing. Our screening programs aren’t thorough enough to screen folks from the Middle East who want to do us harm. The wife gave a false address in her application and ICE didn’t catch it. And the ability to screen Syrian refugees is even more limited. I do not believe in shutting the borders to Muslims or anyone else as general rule. I do believe we should avoid opening the doors to folks we can’t adequately background check. Islamic extremists have declared war on us and are recruiting in our midst. We need to recognize that. All Muslims are not the problem, but extremists are.

  3. Jerry K says:

    If it’s butt is in the air it doesn’t belong here.

  4. Convert or Else ! says:

    Anglo, true. My point was none of them made a threat “convert or else”.

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